For 35 years World Innovators has been assisting B2B companies with their Specific Niche Multichannel campaigns providing Global Data & Digital Solutions.  

Whether you are looking for Wafer Fab Manufacturers in India, Laboratory Directors in Europe, C Level Exec involved with Solar, World Innovators will be able to assist you .  We will help you - 

  • Uncover sources that reach your target audience.
  • Stay away from sources that are poor quality and do not respond.
  • Make sure you are receiving the most recent information.
  • Discuss with vendors the best packages to give you the most visability.
  • Negotiate the best price. 

Specific niche Business to Business companies need a specialized B2B List Brokerage company that will work Strategically in creating a cohesive program the will produce RESULTS. Would you like us to put a List Recommendation together?

How World Innovators can help you -

When acting as a List Manager, World Innovators will explore innovative marketing channels in order to reach profitable customers. A house list for any company is a valuable asset and when their list is handled correctly it can be a great way for an additional revenue stream.  A reputable List Management company can help the listowner protect their file while bringing in additional Revenue.      QUALITY not QUANTITY