On June 14th, Cablevision launched a tool that allows marketers to tag Email opt-ins on their TV ads. What does this mean for direct marketers?

Television Marketing

How does it work?

The product lets viewers sign up to receive, via email, product information, coupons, brochures and more through a TV commercial. When shown an ad with a call-to-action, viewers can click a button on their remotes to automatically receive an email, which can contain a link to opt-in for more communication with the advertiser. The default email address is the consumer's Cablevision email. However, settings can be changed so that it defaults to a different email address.

Advertisers can see the number of clicks, impressions and opt-ins. Cablevision will not provide contextual information, however, such as when an ad was shown or against which program it appeared. Although that information may be available in the future.

What does this mean for direct marketing?

David Kline, president and COO of Rainbow Advertising Sales Corp., Cablevision's sales organization, says, “This leverages off the 30-second ad, but it makes that 30-second ad work harder for advertisers.” This product has tremendous potential to increase the value of television advertising and is perhaps a preview of what is soon to come in the world of Direct Response marketing. 

According to Cablevision, Royal Caribbean promoted a “two for the price of one” travel offer in a two-week test campaign . The results? 3,000 email opt-ins with 24% redemption rates. 

You can read more about the product and it's advantages here: http://www.dmnews.com/cablevision-debuts-on-screen-email-opt-in/article/205315/ 

How would you use this product to best incentivize your consumers? Would you serve viewers a coupon, product information, mail-in rebate, way to buy instantly online?