What’s the Worst Typo You’ve Ever Made?

You’re cringing aren’t you. We all do. That hot flush moment when we think of the one that everyone could see, the one you can’t believe you missed!

We’re human. We make mistakes. However, some are more costly than others.


If you’re printing 200 flyers for an event and you find you need to reprint them, no big deal, these things happen. However, what if the typo is on a 20’ high bill board and running in a national tv commercial? Ouch.


What’s the Worst that can Happen?

Beyond losing your job - that would be quite extreme - there are some serious consequences to poor proofing practices.

A small typo can lead to a big change in meaning, take this one as an example

Webcast Auction
Webcast Action

One letter. Big difference.


Attention to Detail Matters - and not just to your Boss

If you’re in any doubt about the attention to detail your readers have, I recommend watching Mary Norris: The nit-picking glory of The New Yorker’s Comma Queen on Ted. You’ll soon see how the smallest of grammatical errors can send the critics into a spin!

You’re audience may not be as vast as The New Yorker but their opinion definitely matters.

I know that I have chosen not to buy from a company after seeing 3 glaring errors on their website, frankly if they couldn’t be bothered to make my experience a good one, I don’t want to spend my money with them. And I’m not alone.


Your Reputation is on the Line

A small typo might be insignificant to some, but if like us, you care about your professional reputation, it matters. It’s important to us that customers know we have the attention to detail needed to execute campaigns on time and on budget, that we check all materials as a safety net for them.

If our clients found errors in our marketing, they would lose the trust and confidence that they have placed in us over years, just from one error. We know this and have systems and procedures in place to minimise any risk of problems occurring.


The Value of Double Checking Everything

When we’re proofing, we tend to read copy which we have contributed to in the first place. We know what’s coming. We know the intention with which we wrote the piece. As a result, we often find ourselves skipping over errors that to someone else are glaringly obvious.

The answer is simple, always get someone else to check your work. It takes minutes (and sometimes a bit of trading - chocolate works very well) but it can save big headaches further down the line.

If there’s nobody around to lend a hand there is something else you can try. Print a copy of your document and walk around the room whilst reading out loud. Reading aloud is important - we have to concentrate more and hearing the words is different from reading them in our heads, you’ll pick up on differences in meaning or intonation. If you struggle to walk, talk and read simultaneously then chances are your copy needs editing.


You’re Winning if Nobody Notices

The thing about being brilliant is that people shouldn’t be able to see it.

If every campaign is sent out flawlessly chances are nobody will comment - it’s not that they don’t care, they simply haven’t noticed. That’s a good thing. So remember to praise yourself when you don’t get any feedback!

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