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B2B Live formerly International Executive File has been relaunched as B2B Live because names are delivered directly from our UK research center. This unique concept enables data users to reach names as they are called with the very latest information and as a result providing better response rates. A unique source of named senior decision makers in the multinational companies worldwide with over 4 million names in over 180 countries. This file provides the definitive source of global company information. In addition to detailed coverage of executive names we also provide opt-in personal emails worldwide.

11,352,155 Worldwide Records Available.



Chairman/President 744,645  
Managing Director/CEO 1,127,160  
Finance Director/CFO 158,173  
Senior Executive 3,583,812  
Executive Vice President 5,437
Board Member 522,056  
Capital Markets Director 361
Company Secretary/Administration 248,723  
Customer Services 23,036
Compliance/Corporate Governance 8,812
Director Corporate Finance and Banking 1,057
General Manager 255,031  
Sales Director 104,319  
Foreign Exchange Director 223
Head of Legal/Legal Counsel 24,075
Head of Logistics 2,742
HR/Personnel Manager 225,433  
Internal Auditor 12,652
Investment Management Director 3,464
IT/MIS 296,684  
Library and Information Officer 5,746
Manager 2,098,489  
Marketing/Business Development 323,314  
Mergers and Acquisitions Director 254
Non-Executive Director 593,825  
Partner 298,858  
Production/Operations 262,084  
Property Services/Facilities 27,685
Public Relations/Press & Communications 33,877
Purchasing Manager 140,069  
Quality Assurance Manager 2,414
Research and Development Manager 25,296
Retail Banking Director 1,912
Risk Manager 3,127
Security 829
Technical/Engineering 122,120  
Telecommunications Director 7,281
Trade Finance Director 100
Training Manager 4,885
Treasury Director 30,863
Member of the Board 522,056  
Asia and Australasia 233,991  
Eastern Europe and the CIS 44,598
Europe 4,886,322  
Latin America and the Caribbean 57,958
Middle East 68,953
South West Asia 83,081
Sub-Saharan Africa 34,664
North America 3,129,508  
Grand Total 8,539,075  
Full global coverage   
Europe 4,886,322  
Arab World 68,953  
South West Asia 83,081  
Asia and Australasia 233,991  
Sub-Saharan Africa 34,664
Eastern Europe and the CIS 44,598
Latin America and the Caribbean 57,958  
North America 3,129,508  

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