World Innovators

37 year old LEGACY

World Innovators was founded in 1980 by Anne M. Peterson and is still a privately-owned company.

While working with Frost & Sullivan, Technomics, Business Publishers, Univ of Chicago, Caltech . . . she noticed a need for good quality Business to Business postal lists worldwide.  After several trips overseas she created several Global Alliances with International publishers and conference companies, that are still in place today.

World Innovators has evolved into a specialized B2B Marketing company assisting our clients in reaching specific niche areas -

Right Audience at the Right Time in the Right Place with the Right Offer.

How can we help you:

- Donna A. Peterson - Executive Vice President - Click Here For More Information.

- Greg Pesce - Director of Business Development

- Anne M. Peterson - President

- Haley Pesce - Digital Marketing Specialist


We can help you reach your
target audience wherever
they are in the world.




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With 80 years of combined industry experience, together with a global alliance of professional resources and business partners, World Innovators can recommend the most RESPONSIVE marketing avenues for your promotion.


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