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American Water Works Association - Mailing List

AWWA advances public health, safety and welfare by uniting the efforts of the entire water community.

AWWA members are primarily municipal officials, utility employees, public health professionals, engineers, scientists, and educators. These members are extremely responsive and are an ideal audience for offers pertaining to: water treatment technology and equipment, laboratory and field testing equipment, water filtration systems and technology, continuing education, instrumentation technology, water piping and pumping equipment, insurance, books/periodicals/subscriptions, engineering and construction services, security systems and locks, and much more.


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**Special Pricing Available for AWWA Members. Current AWWA Member Advertiser Rate $140/M.

American Water Works Association

Conference & Event Attendees
ACE AWWA Annual Conference 4,851
MTC Membrane Technology Conference 500
WS Sustainable Water Conference 477
UMC Utility Management Conference 1,306
WIC Water Infrastructure Conference 365
WQTC Water Quality Technology Conference 903
Field Served
9 Both Water Supply and Wastewater 21,442
5 Water Supply Only 9,545
7 Wastewater Only 663
3 Other 2,690
A Public Water Supply Utility - Municipally Owned 13,903
B Public Water Supply Utility - Investor Owned 1,804
C Government - Federal, State, Local 3,342
D Consulting Firm 6,876
E Contractor 1,116
F Private Industrial System or Water Wholesaler 380
G Manufacturer of Equipment & Supplies 1,756
H Distributor of Equipment & Supplies 661
I Educational Institutions/Libraries 2,025
K Research Lab 233
L Other allied to the field 1,842
Job Title
A Executive (General Manager, Commissioner, Board Member, City Manager, Municipal Supt., Mayor, President, VP, Owner, Partner, Director, Etc.) 7,777
B Management (Division Head, Section Head, Manager, Chief Engineer, Dept. Head, Comptroller, etc.) 7,979
C Engineering/Non-Managerial (Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Planning Manager, Field Engineer, System Designer, etc.) 7,737
D Scientific/Non-Managerial (Chemist, Biologist, Biophysicist, Researcher, Analyst, Etc.) 1,172
E Purchasing (Purchasing Agent, Procurement Specialist, Buyer, Etc.) 74
F Operations (Foreman, Operator, Maintenance Crewman, Service Representative, Etc.) 4,527
G Marketing & Sales/Non-Managerial (Market Analyst, Marketing Rep., Sales, Etc.) 1,091
I Professorial (Educator, Teacher, Etc.) 732
Z Other 3,271
  Member 43,624
  Non-Member 9,802
Member/Non-Member (cont.)
Primary Interest
INTAM Asset Management 11,276
INTBACK Backflow 10,427
INTCLIM Climate Change 3,346
INTCE Conservation 10,590
INTCS Customer Service 9,364
INTDESA Desalination 4,610
INTDESI Design 11,899
INTDS Distribution 15,909
INTDROU Drought 3,909
INTGW Groundwater 12,583
INTLTS Laboratory 4,248
INTMANA Management/Leadership 12,759
INTMT Membrane Treatment 7,469
INTPH Public Health 6,153
INTPIR Public Information/Relations 8,475
INTRL Regulatory/Legislative 13,217
INTWRMP Resources Management/Planning 9,934
INTSECU Security 5,371
INTSS Small Systems 6,030
INTSTOR Stormwater 5,103
INTTCD Training/Career Development 5,390
INTWAST Wastewater 8,374
INTWL Water Loss 7,513
INTWQT Water Quality 17,537
INTWRES Water Research 4,822
INTWR Water Reuse 8,271
INTWS Workforce Strategies 3,461
INTYP Young Professionals 3,557
Subscriber/Buyer Type
JRNL Journal Subscriber 38,570
OP Opflow Subscriber 38,821
BUYER Product Buyer 12,293

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