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Aviation International News

The monthly trade publication offers news, features, special reports, aircraft evaluations and surveys for technically oriented pilots and aviation experts. Aviation International News is distributed to those who need the most up-to-date technological flying information to the men and women keeping the cockpit under control. They are pilots and other aviation experts that look towards the magazine to help them do their job better. With monthly reports on products, planes and engines, safety, security, helicopters, maintenance and government regulations.
32,285 Total Email Subscribers $300.00/M
23,680 US Email Subscribers $300.00/M
8,605 International Email Subscribers $325.00/M
32,285 Transmission Fee + $120.00/M
32,540 Postal Subscribers $150.00/M
Company Affiliation   (15.00/M)
Corporate Flight Department 12,325  
Charter Aircraft 3,806  
Commuter / Regional Airline 1,014  
Major Airline 1,650  
Special Operations 1,230  
Aviation Services 8,422  
Association, Government Organization or Education 1,190  
Air Taxi 672  
Fractional 1,391  
Other Aviation 585  
Organizations Primary Aircraft   (15.00/M)
Jet Aircraft 26,471  
Turboprop Aircraft 3,142  
Helicopter 1,706  
Multi-Engine Piston Aircraft Over 6,000 lbs. 394  
Multi-Engine Piston Aircraft Under 6,000 lbs. 566  
Single-Engine Piston Aircraft 6
Job Title   (20.00/M)
Aviation Department Manager, Chief Pilot 7,452  
Line Captain, First Officer, Commuter, Other Pilot 8,369  
CEO, President, VP, Corp Officer, General or Department Manager 5,186  
Maintenance Chief, Aviation Manager or Aircraft Mechanic 5,296  
Government Personnel 492  
Scheduler, Dispatcher 590  
Other Aviation Department Director / Manager 4,157  
Other Aviation 812  

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