Beverage Industry

Beverage Industry is a magazine of in-depth, up-to-date information about production, marketing, technology and distribution of soft drinks, beer, bottled water, wine and liquor, juice and juice type beverages.
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Postal addresses 40,030 $140.00

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Industry $15.00 M extra  
Job Title $15.00 M extra  
A/B Split - N/C        
Customer File Deployment $25.00 M extra  
Customer File Deployment (minimum) $200.00   fee  
Each Additional Split $100.00   fee  
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Job Title Selects:        
President/Owner/Chairman Of The Board $15.00 M extra  
Executive VP/VP/GM/Secretary-treasurer/Manager $15.00 M extra  
VP Production/Production Manager/Plant Manager/Supervisor/Supt $15.00 M extra  
Chemist & Flavor Room Mgr/R&D $15.00 M extra  
VP Sales/Sales Mgr/Marketing/Sales/Sales Personnel $15.00 M extra  
Vending Manager $15.00 M extra  
Truck Fleet Manager/Repairs/Warehouse Mgr/RTE Mgr $15.00 M extra  
Purchasing Agent/Buyer $15.00 M extra  
Industry Selects:        
Soft Drink Manufacturer $15.00 M extra  
Beer Manufacturer $15.00 M extra  
Bottled Water Manufacturer $15.00 M extra  
Alternative Beverages Manufacturer $15.00 M extra  
Wine/Liquor Manufacturer $15.00 M extra  
Juice/Fruit Drinks Manufacturer $15.00 M extra  
Coffee/Tea Manufacturer $15.00 M extra  
Dairy Based Drinks Manufacturer $15.00 M extra  
Other Beverages Manufacturer $15.00 M extra  
Soft Drinks Distributor $15.00 M extra  
Beer Distributor $15.00 M extra  
Wine/Liquor Distributor $15.00 M extra  
Alternative Beverages Distributor $15.00 M extra  
Bottled Water Distributor $15.00 M extra  
Juice/Fruit Drinks Distributor $15.00 M extra  
Coffee/Tea Distributor $15.00 M extra  
Dairy Drinks Distributor $15.00 M extra  
Other Beverage Distributor $15.00 M extra  

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