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Biopharm International

BioPharm International delivers a targeted audience of professionals involved in all stages of the development and manufacturing of biopharmaceutical therapeutics and diagnostics.   82% N. America   15% Europe   3% RoW

72,500         Postal                   $250/M

53,200         Email                   $450/M


Business & Industry

Biopharmaceutical, Biologics Manufacturing

Classical Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Research Institutes, Universities, Colleges

Biotechnology, Biopharmaceutical Research

Contract Research, Analytical Services

Specialty or Bulk Chemical Manufacturing, Bulk Products and Raw Materials Producers

Biopharmaceutical, Biologics, Biodiagnostic Process Development

Business, Investment, Legal Services


Architecture, Engineering, Construction

Biopharmaceutical Formulation, Delivery

Biodiagnostic Manufacturing

Biotherapeutic Discovery, Development,Transgenic Therapeutic Productions

Others Allied to the Field


Job Title/Function

Research, Development

Corporate Management

Quality Assurance, Control, Validation

Production, Manufacturing

Lab Management

Process Development

Technology Transfer, Technical Services, Analytical Development, Support

Project Management

Plant Engineering, Facility Design

Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Affairs

Business Advisor

Materials Management, Purchasing, Procurement


Recommend and/or Approve Purchases -

Analytical instruments

Biochemicals, chemicals, and raw materials

Laboratory equipment

Contract services

Process analytical technology, automation, and IT

Downstream processing equipment and materials

Upstream processing equipment and materials

Business services and training

Engineering and facilities services and systems

Controlled environment products and systems

Drug delivery and packaging equipment and systems

Logistics/supply chain equipment, systems, and services


Contract Services

Analytical testing services

Analytical methods development and validation services

Contract research

Regulatory consulting

Contract consulting

Contract manufacturing

Clinical trials management

Fill, finish, or packaging services services

Cell line development services

Process development and scale-up services

Clinical trials materials manufacturing, packaging, and labeling

Commercial manufacturing

Formulation development services

Drug discovery and lead optimization


Purchasing Infuence - Downstream Processing Equipment & Materials

Chromatography equipment and/or consumables

Purification and separation products


Single-use systems

Stainless steel systems

Lyophilization equipment (industrial scale)


Purchasing Influence - Upstream Processing Equipment and Materials

Single-use systems

Cell-culture equipment


Stainless-steel components

Fermentation cell-culture consumables

Cell-culture services



Plant transgenics


Purchasing Influence - Analytical Instruments



Gas chromatography

Mass spectrometers


Particle size analyzers

Light-scattering instruments

Other visualization instruments

High-throughput screening

Raman spectroscopy


High-content screening

Nuclear and luminescence instrumentation/accessories


Purchasing Influence - Laboratory Equipment



Glassware and pipettes

Laboratory appliances

Calibration standards

Measuring devices

Sample prep

Temperature instruments

Safety equipment

Cleaning equipment, autoclaves, and ovens


Liquid handling equipment/pumps

Single-use tubing and connectors/filters


Bioreactors (laboratory scale)

DNA and RNA analysis

Lyophilization equipment/freeze dryers


Purchasing Influence - Biochemicals, Chemicals & Raw Materials


Biochemicals and organic raw materials

Bu ers Media and sera Enzymes

Proteins and peptides

Antibodies and antigens

Cell lines

Viruses and bacteria


Purchasing Influence - Engineering and Facilities Services and Systems

Engineering and facilities services

Facilities design and construction

Utilities and waste management

Modular facilities


Purchasing Influence - Controlled Environment Products & Sytems

Cleanroom equipment

Hoods and ventilation

Cleanroom components

Cleanroom design


Particle counters

Cleanroom garments/gloves/supplies

Microbial detection systems/services

Liquid transport systems

Barrier/isolation systems

Entry systems


Purchasing Influence - Process Analytical Technology, Automation and IT

Data management software

Laboratory information management systems (LIMS)

Automation and robotics

GMP compliance/validation software

Data integrity systems

Documentation management software

Hardware systems and accessories

Process analytical technology systems

Batch control software


Resouce Planning


Purchasing Influence - Business Services & Training

Consulting (other than regulatory)

Training (regulatory topics)

Training (other)

Training (bioprocessing functions)

Funding and financial services

Legal services Logistics analysis


Purchasing Influence - Drug Delivery & Packaging Equipment & Systems

Labeling systems

Vials Filling equipment (liquid)

Combination products

Sterile/aseptic systems

Vial filling equipment

Visual inspection robotic tools

Prefilled syringes

Syringe filling/assembly equipment

Lyophilization chambers and tools


Purchasing Influence - Logistics/Supply Chain Equipment, Systems & Services

Logistics and supply chain support and services

Shipping services

Shipping containers (drug product)

Shipment monitoring systems

Supply chain monitoring systems

Serialization systems

Shipping containers (drug substance and materials)

Track-and-trace systems


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