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Total universe 2,000,000 *$250.00
Email only 2,000,000 $250.00
(*) Transmission, 50.00/M.
Country $10.00 M extra  
Job Title/Function $10.00 M extra  
Company Type $10.00 M extra  
Suppression $150.00   fee  
Split $75.00   fee  
Personalization $20.00 M extra  
Transmission Charge Includes 3 Tests (fees Apply For Additional Test Messages)        
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Acid Sensing Ion ChannelASIC3ASIC1APsalmotoxinAPETX2mambalgin $25.00 M extra  
Aging Microbiology Immunology Oncology Radiation Biology $25.00 M extra  
Air Analysis $25.00 M extra  
Angiogenesis $25.00 M extra  
Antibody Labeling $25.00 M extra  
Antibody-based Protein Detection $25.00 M extra  
Bacteria And Fermentation $25.00 M extra  
Bacterialviral Disease Diagnosis $25.00 M extra  
Biochips $25.00 M extra  
Bioconjugalson $25.00 M extra  
Bioelectrochemistry $25.00 M extra  
Biophysical Characterization $25.00 M extra  
Capillary, Gel Electrophoresis $25.00 M extra  
Cardiovascular Disease $25.00 M extra  
CDNA $25.00 M extra  
Cell Culture $25.00 M extra  
Cell Microscopy $25.00 M extra  
Cell-based Assay $25.00 M extra  
Cellular Protein, Blotting $25.00 M extra  
Chemotaxis $25.00 M extra  
CHIP (chromatin Immunoprecipitation) $25.00 M extra  
Chromatography, Electrochemistry $25.00 M extra  
Chromatography (protein Separation) $25.00 M extra  
Chromatography And Proteinpeptide $25.00 M extra  
Cloning $25.00 M extra  
Coagulation $25.00 M extra  
Conjugating Antibody $25.00 M extra  
CRISPR (clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeat) $25.00 M extra  
Cytology $25.00 M extra  
Diabetes $25.00 M extra  
DNA Extraction Genomics Forensic $25.00 M extra  
DNA ExtractionRNA Extractionprotein Extractiongenomicsproteomicstissue Homogenizercell LYSER $25.00 M extra  
DNA Quantification $25.00 M extra  
DNA Sequencing $25.00 M extra  
DNA, RNA Analysis $25.00 M extra  
DNA, RNA Purification $25.00 M extra  
Electrophysiology $25.00 M extra  
ELISA $25.00 M extra  
EM Sample PreparationCLEM $25.00 M extra  
Endpoint PCR $25.00 M extra  
Epigenetic Disease $25.00 M extra  
Exome Sequencing $25.00 M extra  
Expression Vector $25.00 M extra  
Flow Cytometry $25.00 M extra  
Fluorescence Microscopy $25.00 M extra  
Fluorescent-based Detection $25.00 M extra  
Fungal Antibody $25.00 M extra  
Gas Chromatography-mass SpectrometryGC-MS $25.00 M extra  
Gastroenterology $25.00 M extra  
Gene Expression Profiling And Next Generation Sequencing $25.00 M extra  
Gene Expression Profiling And Sanger Sequencing $25.00 M extra  
Gene Synthesis $25.00 M extra  
Genome Editing $25.00 M extra  
Genomics $25.00 M extra  
Glutathione-S-transferase $25.00 M extra  
Gold Nanoparticle $25.00 M extra  
GPCR (g Protein-coupled Receptor) $25.00 M extra  
Green Fluorescent Protein $25.00 M extra  
Growth Factorrreproductionendocrinologycardiovascular Diseasepregnancycentral Nervous SystemELISA $25.00 M extra  
Hematology $25.00 M extra  
Hemodialysis Blood Loos Dialysis Renal $25.00 M extra  
Hemostasis $25.00 M extra  
High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) $25.00 M extra  
High Resolution Microscopy $25.00 M extra  
Hodgkin's Lymphoma $25.00 M extra  
Host Cell Protein $25.00 M extra  
Human Biopsy $25.00 M extra  
IHC, Immunohistochemistry $25.00 M extra  
Imaging And Small Animal $25.00 M extra  
Imaging And Small Animal And Cancer $25.00 M extra  
Imaging And Small Animal And Neurosurgery $25.00 M extra  
Imaging And Small Animal And Vascularization $25.00 M extra  
Imaging Chamber $25.00 M extra  
Immunofluorescence $25.00 M extra  
Immunology Cancer Autism $25.00 M extra  
In Vivo Pharmacology And Rodent Model $25.00 M extra  
Infectious Disease $25.00 M extra  
Infectious Disease Research And Real-time PCR $25.00 M extra  
Infrared Spectroscopy $25.00 M extra  
ION Channel $25.00 M extra  
ION Channels $25.00 M extra  
IPSC $25.00 M extra  
Isotopic Ratio $25.00 M extra  
Laser Ablation $25.00 M extra  
Lateral Flow $25.00 M extra  
Lentiviruslentivirus Packaginglentivirus Production $25.00 M extra  
Liquid Chromatography $25.00 M extra  
Live Cell Imaging $25.00 M extra  
Lyophilization $25.00 M extra  
Magnetic Resonanceelectron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Spectroscopynuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy $25.00 M extra  
Mass Spectrometry $25.00 M extra  
Mental Disease $25.00 M extra  
Microbiology And Sanger Sequencing $25.00 M extra  
Microscopy $25.00 M extra  
Microvolumehigh Shearviscosity Measurement $25.00 M extra  
Microwave Digestion $25.00 M extra  
Molecular Biology $25.00 M extra  
Monoclonal Antibodies $25.00 M extra  
Multiple Sclerosis $25.00 M extra  
Mycobacterium $25.00 M extra  
NA Channel Blockers $25.00 M extra  
Nanoparticle Analyses $25.00 M extra  
Neurosurgery $25.00 M extra  
Nitrogen Blowdown Evaporation $25.00 M extra  
Oligonucleotides $25.00 M extra  
Oncologytherapeutic Antibodydiagnostic Antibody $25.00 M extra  
Patch Clamp $25.00 M extra  
Peptide Synthesis $25.00 M extra  
Plasmid DNA $25.00 M extra  
Polyclonal Antibodies $25.00 M extra  
Preclinical Imaging $25.00 M extra  
Primary Human Cell $25.00 M extra  
Protein And Electrophoresis $25.00 M extra  
Protein Engineering $25.00 M extra  
Protein Expression $25.00 M extra  
Protein Isolation $25.00 M extra  
Protein Labeling $25.00 M extra  
Protein Quantification $25.00 M extra  
Protein-nucleic Acid Interaction $25.00 M extra  
Protein-protein Interaction $25.00 M extra  
Proteomics $25.00 M extra  
Raman Spectroscopy $25.00 M extra  
Real-time PCR $25.00 M extra  
Recombinant Protein $25.00 M extra  
Recombinant Protein Transgenesis Recombination $25.00 M extra  
Refractive Index $25.00 M extra  
Reprogramming $25.00 M extra  
RIP (RNA Immunoprecipitation) $25.00 M extra  
RNA Isolation $25.00 M extra  
RNA Visualization $25.00 M extra  
Rotavap $25.00 M extra  
Rotavap, Rotary Evaporator $25.00 M extra  
SEM $25.00 M extra  
Small Biological Molecules And Chromatograhypurification $25.00 M extra  
Spectrometry, Chromatography $25.00 M extra  
Spectrophotometer $25.00 M extra  
Spectroscopy Fiber Probesftir Fiber Proberaman Bundlespectral Fiber Sensorsmoisture Sensor $25.00 M extra  
Spheroids $25.00 M extra  
Stem Cell $25.00 M extra  
Sterilizable Senors $25.00 M extra  
Tagged-protein IP $25.00 M extra  
Talent (transcription Activator-like Effector-like Effector Nuclease) $25.00 M extra  
Tetrodotoxin $25.00 M extra  
Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) $25.00 M extra  
Tissue Microarray (TMA) $25.00 M extra  
Transcriptome, QPCR $25.00 M extra  
Urine Analysis $25.00 M extra  
Vacuum Dryingfreeze Drying $25.00 M extra  
Video Tracking And Animal Behavior $25.00 M extra  
Water Analysis $25.00 M extra  
Water Analysis And Arsenic $25.00 M extra  
Western Blot $25.00 M extra  
Western Blotting $25.00 M extra  
Wound Healing $25.00 M extra  
X-ray Spectroscopy $25.00 M extra  

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