How to Create a Successful Marketing Campaign

by Donna Peterson

When it comes to setting up a marketing campaign strategy, the #1 objective is to be efficient. It's not just important to have the campaign implemented at the right time, but rather to do the right thing that will lead to positive results.

Marketing Campaign StrategySince I have been in Marketing, several new channels have become available and when they do, they are the new, shiny object that everyone is attracted to. Some people go as far to say you need no other marketing channels but the new one. I strongly disagree and believe you need all the channels to make a good, efficient marketing campaign that leads to a foundational strategy.

Here are 4 tips that can help you elevate your B2B marketing campaign that create a successful basis for all of your campaigns in the future -


1) Always be Testing Something New -

With all campaigns make sure you are testing something new.  As with anything, your tried and true channels will need a rest and you better have something in your back pocket that will work just as well. Make sure you are analyzing the tracking from vendors and back office to get a full picture of what is going on.


2) Don't be too Intrusive -

If you are utilizing different platforms, make sure you space them out so that the messages play off of each other. You do not want to bombard people with the hope they take action. Find out what really works and then be consistent with your branding and messaging.


3) Explain your Offering in a Simple Form -

Follow the old KISS philosophy - Keep It Simple and Stupid; Simple so it is a quick read to see what it is about and Stupid so the recipient will have to ask questions. At the end of the day, make sure they can quickly figure out what your product/service is all about and why they need it.


4) Think Beyond the Lead Conversion & One Sale -

If you want your marketing campaign to be effective in the long run, you can not focus on just one promotion, one conversion, or one sale.  You must figure out a way to build your relationship with the lead or buyer so that they remain a customer with your company for a very long time. 

building relationships with customers

Be efficient with your research to find out what your leads / buyers are interested in and looking for.  Provide content that answers questions they have or solutions to problems they might be having. Your want to be able to reach your audience at whatever stage in the buyer decision process they might be in, and hit their direct concerns. If the content you supply is relevant and genuine, then you can start to build a strong relationship that can endure over many buying cycles.

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If you are only in it for a the sale, eventually that will do the exact opposite of being trustworthy and genuine. If you look around at companies that have been in existence for over 25 years, you will find that a large majority would do anything for their clients. They put the clients needs above everything else, and are honest above all.

Building a foundation for a marketing plan

So start slow and create an efficient marketing campaign that will build a strong foundation, inevitably leading to a positive experience and outcome for both you and the client.



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Donna Peterson

Written by Donna Peterson

Donna Peterson is a visionary in the world of marketing and business relationships. With over three decades of experience in B2B Marketing, Donna has become a trusted advisor and mentor to countless companies.

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