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Top Companies are Turning Back to Direct Mail

By Donna Peterson

In order to increase effectiveness, all B-to-B marketing campaigns must include some Direct Mail. It is all about that perfect combination of traditional and modern media. As marketing technology has been evolving, there are some people who do not think there is a need for postal campaigns, many believing that direct mail is “dead” or “out of date”.

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How to Create a Successful Marketing Campaign

By Donna Peterson

When it comes to setting up a marketing campaign strategy, the #1 objective is to be efficient. It's not just important to have the campaign implemented at the right time, but rather to do the right thing that will lead to positive results.

Since I have been in Marketing, several new channels have become available and when they do, they are the new, shiny object that everyone is attracted to. Some people go as far to say you need no other marketing channels but the new one. I strongly disagree and believe you need all the channels to make a good, efficient marketing campaign that leads to a foundational strategy.

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