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Business Intelligence & Lloyd’s List:
Target Customers in transportation, shipping, legal and insurance rely on the critical advantage our intelligence delivers, from on-the-ground reporters and live market-leading data to help mitigate and minimize risk during times of crisis, to discovering new business opportunities.

100,250 Postal   $250/M

80,000 Email   $450/M


Interest Area Total
Maritime Strategic Markets 12603
Maritime Technical & Ship Building 3261
Maritime Bunkering 8790
Ship Management 15908
Ship Finance 5512
Marine Insurance 4687
Ports & Terminals 12997
Intermodal 8743
Freight Transport/Logistics 20621
Import/Export 6730
Production/Manufacturing 5126
LNG 6588
Hazardous Cargo - Transport, Storage 4380
Shipping Agencies 2366
Shipping Industries 17408
Fleets 8972
Operators 11545
Ship Ownership/Operation 13215
Cargo 9964
Container 4671
Tanker 3877
Towage and Salvage 4719


Including the databases for:
Lloyd’s List                           

Lloyd’s Loading List                                            
Lloyd’s List Intelligence                                  

Maritime & Insurance
Intellectual Property    

Lloyd’s Law Report         


BI has a valuable portfolio of digital subscription products, providing business critical intelligence to global, regional and niche communities within five core industry sectors: Pharma & Healthcare; Finance; Telecoms, Media & Technology; Maritime & Law and Agribusiness & Commodities.

The brands provide market intelligence, news and analysis, bespoke consulting services, industry events and specialist online training to millions of customers worldwide.


Consisting of 75% middle, senior and scientific management, these contacts have buying power, decision making ability and are high profile business executives.




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