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Where the industry's leading Scientist, Principal Investigators, Managers and Engineers gather to share ideas and debate strategies.


Where the industry's leading Scientists, Principal Investigators, Managers and Engineers gather to share ideas and debate strategies - See more at: http://www.terrapinn.com/conference/cell-culture-world-congress-usa/?pk_campaign=Terr-Listing&pk_kwd=Life+Science+%26+Health#sthash.vRp72F26.dpuf
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The Cell Culture World Congress is where pharma, biotechs, researchers & Innovative start-ups gather to develop new strategies and partnerships to advance biotherapeutic production, manufacture, and commercialization.  The largest cell culture event focused on producing new terapeutics and immunotherapies at a commercial scale and see wher biologic manufacture is headed next.

Areas of Interest


Cell Line Development

Next Gen Therapeutics

Cell and Gene Therapy

CAR-T Cell Therapies

Vaccine Production

Cell Proteins in biotechnology

Cell Density


Stem Cell Systems


Bioprocess Industry



Ex-vivo cell & gene therapy

Chromatography Process

Purification of novel biologic formats

Analytical, Formulation and Quality

Process analytical technology (PAT)

Quality-by-Design (QbD)

Outsource Manufacture


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Downstream Processing World


Equipment Providers



Media Suppliers

Cell Line Developers

Platform Technology Providers

Bio-informatics and Computational Biology

The technical conference for Scientists, Principal Investigators, Managers and Engineers 

Following 3 years of success, the 4th Annual Cell Culture World Congress 2015 is once again growing. From humble beginnings as a small conference that brought together the few pioneers spearheading the progress in cell culture processes it became known as the event that brought this community together. In 2015, Cell Culture World Congress is packed with great content exploring Cell Line Development, QbD, Disposability and Single-Use Technology, Process Analytical Technology and Tech Transfer. With out of the box speakers like Ron Weiss, Professor of Biological Engineering, MIT discussing cell line development with your computer – potential applications of synthetic biology in biomanufacturing, networking lunches and interactive roundtables, the event offers a truly inspiring environment to help the industry further their business.

- See more at: http://www.terrapinn.com/conference/cell-culture-world-congress-usa/our-story.stm#sthash.2KbsfWg8.dpuf

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