Clinical Informatics News

Clinical Informatics News reports on innovative technologies from clinical trials to medical informatics. Technology continues to permeate all aspects of clinical trials and the patient experience, and the tools to support these efforts are maturing rapidly. and the Clinical Informatics News email newsletter provide authoritative news, views, and insights on the vast landscape of innovation between clinical trial management.
Selections Counts Price     per/M   
Universe 27,689 *$425.00   
Email addresses 27,689 $425.00   
Primary business/industry:
   Academic 4,317 +20.00   
   Biotechnical 6,672 +20.00   
   Clinical trial/research organization 491 +20.00   
   Hospital lab/healthcare 1,169 +20.00   
   Pharmaceutical-big 5,949 +20.00   
   Services 1,617 +20.00   
(*) Transmission-HTML, 50.00 flat.

---------- OTHER SELECTIONS ----------
Selections Rate Per Unit Note
# Employees $20.00 M extra  
Job Function $20.00 M extra  
Personalization $10.00 M extra  
Primary Business/Industry $20.00 M extra  
1 Test Included, N/C; Additional Retests $50.00   fee  
AB Split $150.00   fee  


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