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Reach Control, Production, Product Design, System Design and Operations Engineers as well as Corporate Managers.

The Control Engineering controlled circulation list reaches decision-makers with annual expenditures for instrumentation, control, and automation products and services.

Email 66,902 $414/M
  +   Transmission   $115/M 
JOB FUNCTION   (28.00/M)
Process Production or Manufacturing Engineering 11,187  
System or Product Design Control or Instrument Engineering 11,789  
System Integration or Consulting 5,234  
Other Engineering 8,364  
General or Corporate Management 8,821  
Operations or Maintenance 5,172  
FoodBeverage or Tobacco 7,394  
Textiles or Apparel 2,155  
WoodPaper or Printing 4,593  
Petroleum or Refining 6,015  
Chemicals 7,163  
Pharmaceuticals 4,871  
Plastics or Rubber 4,939  
Primary or Fabricated Metals 5,835  
Industrial Machinery 10,955  
Alternative Energy Equipmentincl. SolarWind Power 5,922  
EngineTurbineMechanical or Electrical Power Transmission Equipment 6,277  
Computer Systems or Peripherals 7,257  
Communications Systems or Equipment 6,647  
Consumer Electronics or Appliances 3,868  
Semiconductors or Other Electronics Components 4,046  
Industrial ControlsTest or Medical Equipment 11,227  
InstrumentationMeasurement or Control Systems or Devices 11,190  
Electrical Equipment 9,738  
Aircraft Aerospace or Defense 5,821  
Automotive or Transportation 6,438  
Other Manufacturing 5,715  
Mining Agriculture or Construction 3,908  
Utilities or Telecommunications 5,377  
Engineering or System Integration Services 10,135  
Scientific or Research Services 3,535  
Information Data Processing or Software Services 3,706  
Consulting Business or Technical Services 6,344  
Government or Military 5,123  
Other 2,352  
Single-Loop ControllersRegulators or Data Recorders 22,383  
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) or Programmable 30,709  
HMI Equipment 29,506  
Distributed Control Systems (DCS) 21,016  
Computers Industrial PCs (IPCs) or PC-based Control 27,562  
Embedded SystemsEmbedded Components or Single-board Computers (SBCs) 17,376  
Software (HMISCADAMESBatchHistorianDesignOther) 24,007  
Analytical Instruments /Test or Calibration Equipment 23,578  
Process Sensors or Transmitters 26,488  
Valves Actuators or Positioners 26,495  
Discrete Sensors (incl. ProximityPhotoelectricPosition) 22,723  
Machine Vision Systems or Vision Sensors 16,302  
Motion Control SystemsRobots or Robotics 19,284  
Motors or Drives 24,789  
Power Distribution Systems or Power Protection Systems 20,558  
Field I/O Infrastructure or I/O Systems 19,749  
Enclosures 23,540  
Wired Networking HardwareEthernet SwitchesCordsetsConnectorsWire or Cable 22,879  
Relays Switches or Timers 25,493  
Power Systems or Supplies 24,268  
Safety for Process or Machine Systems 18,791  
Wireless InfrastructureWireless Field Devices or Wireless Local 17,135  
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) / Bar Code Readers / Laser Scanners 13,861  
Other 4
1000+ 6,191  
500-999 3,590  
250-499 4,625  
100-249 6,425  
Less than 100 17,502  
For use within own company 24,378  
For resale to other companies 17,698  
Provide system integration or engineering services to manufacturing 23,804  
Systems integration via 3rd Party 25,527

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