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Universe 76,491 *$375.00
(*) Transmission, plus 50.00/M; Suppression, 150.00 flat fee; Setup fee, 150.00 flat fee

Bus/Industry Type $25.00 M extra
Geo/Geographical $15.00 M extra
Job Function/Title $25.00 M extra
Phone Number $60.00 M extra
# Employees $25.00 M extra
$ Volume $25.00 M extra
SIC/NAICS Code $25.00 M extra
A/B Split $150.00 fee
Personalization $150.00 fee
Set Up Fee $150.00 fee
Suppression $150.00 fee
Audio Products: $25.00 M extra
Audio Console/Mixer
Audio Processing
Digital Audio Workstations
Distribution Amplifiers
Headphones, Headsets, Intercoms
Magnetic Tape, Audio
Monitors (speakers)
Other Audio Equipment
Recorders, Players
Switcher Routing
Telephone Interface Systems
Automation/Computer Prods: $25.00 M extra
Accessories/Peripherals/Billing, Traffic, Sched Soft
Automation Systems/Comp HW Snd Cards
Business Automation/Copnsulting, Contracting, Des&sup
Commercial Insertion Systems/Content Mgmt
Digital Asset Mgmt/Rbds/Rds & Subcarrier Equipt
Machine Control/Digital Audio Workstations
Networking Products/Power Products
Newsroom Automation/Equipment Rental
Record/Playback Automation/Internet, Steam Aud Eq&s
Software, Engineering/Media Storage
Software, Production, Planning(SAN)/Microphones
Video Interface Cards/POTS, ISDN Codecs
Computer Products: $25.00 M extra
Digital Camera
Mobile Trucks
Windows 2000/XP
Windows 95/98
Misc Products: $25.00 M extra
Battery Packs, Chargers, Streaming Media Hw & Sw
Cabinets, Racks, Consoles, Cameras-video
Cables, Connectors, Cameras-hd
Carts, Cases (equipment, Shipping) Tools, Cmaera S
New Media/Internet Products:
Content Creation Systems
Ecommerce Technology/Duplication, Replication, Conve
Encoding Products/Entertainment Insurance
Internet Srvice Providers/Video Connectivity, Del
System Integration, Engineering Systems-streamin
RF Products: $25.00 M extra
Antenna Systems, Towers
Cable, Set Top, Ca Systems
Fiber Optics
Power Amplifiers, Cavities Receivers
Remote Production Vehicles, Program Relays
Satellite T/R Components, Electronics
Stl/Eng Components, Electronics
Switches, Rf Coaxial
Transmitter, Remote Controls Transmitters
Weather, Radar Rf Rproducts
System Integration Products:
3D Modeling & Visualization
Connectors/Video Compression
Consoles & Software/Stock Footage Library
Costumes/Makeup/File Recording/ Inflatables
Curtains/Fabric/Film Scanning
DLT & Other Backup Hardware
Entertainment Lighting Equipment/System Integratio
Facility Mgmt Sorftare
Lamps & Accessories/Film Lab
Lasers/Music Library
Motion Caption
Motioncontrol Systems
Moving & Conv. Fixtures/Dvd Authoring
Project Equipment
Safety Equipment/Satellite Uplink, Downlink
Shop Equipment/Duplication/Pyrotechnics
Show Control/Graphics & Animation/Video, Film Prod
Sound Equipment
Special Effects/Scoring Composing
Staging Equip/Motion Capture
Trussing/Stop Motion/Animation/Acoustic Production
Test & Measurement Products:
Analyzers, Audio, Video, RF
Audio, Video, Signal Generators
Digital Signal Testing
Waveform, Vectorscope Monitors
Video Products:
Camera Heads, Tripods, Pedestals, Booms, Dollies
Cameras, Lenses
DVD Systems
Editing Controllers, Systems
Frame Synchronizers, Time Base Correctors
Graphics, Titling, Effects
HDTV Equipment
Lighting Systems
Magnetic Tape Video
Monitors (picture, Studio Quality)
MPEG Compression, Encoding Systems
Nonlinear Editing Systems
Projection Systems
Recorders, Players
Robotic Camera Controls
Signal Processing
Signal Routing, Distribution
Standards, Format & Scan Converters
Still Store Systems
Storage/Audio Or Video Servers
Switchers, Production/Master Control
Virtual Sets
Budget Expenditures: $25.00 M extra
Less Than 24,999.00
25K To 99K
100K To 299K
300K To 499K
500K To 999K
1 Million To 1.9 Million
2 Million Plus
Employee Size:
1 To 4 $25.00 M extra
5 To 9 $25.00 M extra
10 To 19 $25.00 M extra
20 To 49 $25.00 M extra
50 To 99 $25.00 M extra
100 To 249 $25.00 M extra
250 To 499 $25.00 M extra
500 To 999 $25.00 M extra
1,000 To 4,999 $25.00 M extra
5,000 To 9,999 $25.00 M extra
10,000+ $25.00 M extra
Ad Agency/Record Company/Event Planning $25.00 M extra
Animations/Special Effects/Sound For Picture $25.00 M extra
Architect/Designer $25.00 M extra
Cable (including Networks) $25.00 M extra
Combination Stations/Tv Comm. Production $25.00 M extra
Consulting Engineer $25.00 M extra
Content Provider/Web Publisher/Svcs $25.00 M extra
Design/Mastering Authoring, Replication $25.00 M extra
Education/Corporate/Insitutational $25.00 M extra
Government/Medical/Ind. Audio Producer/Event Facil $25.00 M extra
Lighting/Projection/Private Recording Studio $25.00 M extra
Manufacturer Medical/Equipment Sales & Rentals $25.00 M extra
Microwave, Relay Station Or Satellite Co For Tv $25.00 M extra
Tv & Motion Picture Production/Sound, Video $25.00 M extra
Other $25.00 M extra
Post Production $25.00 M extra
Radio Station $25.00 M extra
Recording Studio $25.00 M extra
Sound/Audio $25.00 M extra
Staging/Performing Arts/Themed Entertnmt $25.00 M extra
Streaming Media (network Provider/ISP/Telco/Intern) $52.00 M extra
Systems Integrator $25.00 M extra
Technical/Prod Svcs/Acoustic Design, Consultant $25.00 M extra
Telecoms/Retail MFG $25.00 M extra
Teleproduction Facility/Indpnd Pgm Producer $25.00 M extra
Theatre/Ind Audio Tech/DJ, Musician $25.00 M extra
Themed Entertnmt/Night Club $25.00 M extra
Tv Consultant (engineering Or Mgmt)/Tv Prog $25.00 M extra
Tv Dealer/Distributor $25.00 M extra
Tv Stations (including Networks) $25.00 M extra
Involved In:
Commercial Architecture $25.00 M extra
Concerts $25.00 M extra
Conferences $25.00 M extra
Corporate Exhibits $25.00 M extra
Cruise Ships/Clubs/Sporting $25.00 M extra
Exhibitions $25.00 M extra
Film/Tv/Video $25.00 M extra
Houses Of Worship $25.00 M extra
Other $25.00 M extra
Studio/Production Houses $25.00 M extra
Theatrical $25.00 M extra
Themed Entertainment $25.00 M extra
Trade Show $25.00 M extra
Job Title:
Chairman Of The Board $25.00 M extra
Chief Engineer $25.00 M extra
Consultant $25.00 M extra
Designer $25.00 M extra
Director $25.00 M extra
DJ $25.00 M extra
Editor $25.00 M extra
Education (faculty/Student) $25.00 M extra
GM (other Than In Chrg Of Engnr Of Station Ops) $25.00 M extra
News Director $25.00 M extra
Operational Director/Mgr $25.00 M extra
Other $25.00 M extra
Other Corporate/Financial Title $25.00 M extra
Other Engineering Or Technical Title $25.00 M extra
Other Operations Title $25.00 M extra
Other Production $25.00 M extra
Owner $25.00 M extra
Partner $25.00 M extra
President $25.00 M extra
Producer/Director $25.00 M extra
Production Mgr $25.00 M extra
Program Mgr $25.00 M extra
Sales/Rental/Administration $25.00 M extra
Station Mgr $25.00 M extra
Technical Director/Mgr $25.00 M extra
Training Mgr/Director $25.00 M extra
Vice President $25.00 M extra
Vp Operations $25.00 M extra
Sales Volume:
1.00 - 499.00 $25.00 M extra
500.00 - 999.00 $25.00 M extra
1,000.00 - 2,499.00 $25.00 M extra
2,500.00 - 4,999.00 $25.00 M extra
5,000.00 - 9,999.99 $25.00 M extra
10,000.00 - 19,999.00 $25.00 M extra
20,000.00 - 49,999.00 $25.00 M extra
50,000.00 - 99,999.00 $25.00 M extra
100,000.00 - 499,999.00 $25.00 M extra
500,000.00 - 999,999.00 $25.00 M extra
1,000,000.00+ $25.00 M extra

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