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Email addresses of decision-makers who are in the exploration, production and drilling market place.
95% male, 5% female.

Universe 45,511 $445.00
US opt-in subscribers 27,325 $445.00
International opt-in email subscribers 16,589 $445.00
Canada opt-in email subscribers 1,632 $445.00
Transmission fee, 50.00/M; Suppression fee, 150.00 flat
Job Function (10.00/M)
Executive Management
Exploration Management
Engineering Management
Geology & Geophysics
Field Professionals

Bus/Industry Type (10.00/M)
Major Integrated oil and gas company
Insurance or financial services
Educational Inst. / Gov't Agency / Research laboratory
Independent oil and gas producer
National/State oil company
Integrated service contractor
Main contractor or subcontractor
Drilling contractor
Service company
Consultant or consulting firm
Supply company

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