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Federal Employees' News Digest

Active federal employees who are subscribers to Federal Employees News Digest, a weekly newsletter covering issues such as pay, benefits, workplace policies, and pratices. Buyers of The Annual Federal Employees Almanac also have an interest in federal employee benefits, including policies and practices, insurance, taxes, postal service, legal trends, and more.


63,869 Postal Records       $250.00/M

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Buyers for all publications include individual employees and government agency buyers such as personnel, human resource, EEO, administrative, training, and managers.


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Federal Employees’ News Digest, Inc. Profile:

- 27.5% Have been subscribers to the Federal Employers News

  Digest for 6-10 years.

- 54.4% Are GS 11-GS 15 pay grade

- 16.9% Have total household incomes of $100,000 or over

- 61.0% Recommend, approve or make government purchase

- An average of 25.8 days of travel per year, 8.5 rental car days

  per year.



-Job Rights: A guide to the federal appeals and grievance process.

-Thrift Savings: Tells federal employees how to invest in govt.’s  401K plan.

-News Digest: Weekly newsletter which covers all issues effect job, pay and benefits of federal


-Almanac: Annual reference guide covering all rules, regulations, legislation, pay & benefits 

  information pertaining to federal or postal employment.

-Retirement: Explains how to make the most of retirement from federal service.

-Financial: An estate and financial planner for federal and postal employees.

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