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Food Navigator  delivers breaking news on topics that are shaping the modern food industry - whether it's the latest discoveries in natural colors, legislation that requires new ways of working, or next year's hot new trends.


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16,507   Asia Pacific Subscribers   $3,000


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Job Function

R&D   37%

General Management   27%

Marketing   23%

Sales   6%

Purchasing   4%

Others   3%

FoodNavigator - Product Newsletters Subscribers
Carbohydrates and fibers (sugar, starches)   10,224
Fats and Oils       9,039
Flavors and Colors       9,844
Health and Nutritional Ingredients     14,230
Sweeteners (intense, bulk, polypols)     9,390
   Product Newsletters   Subscribers
Carbohydrates and fibers (sugar,starches)   15,034
Cereals and Bakery Preparations     13,740
Chocolate and Confectionery     13,521
Flavors and Colors       16,156
Food Labeling       18,714
Health and Nutritional Ingredients     20,136
Meat, Fish and Savory Ingredients     11,709
Sweeteners (intense, bulk, polypols)     13,644


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