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Global Finance is making available top financial and investment professionals at the largest companies and financial institutions worldwide. 

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Corporations (Non-Financial) 9,141  
Non-Profit Institutions,Charitable Organ,Assoc. 1,384  
Unions 270  
International Organization(including World Bank,IMF,Etc.) 490  
National,State/Provence,Local Govt. 1,487  
Commerical banks or Trust Company 2,489  
Thrift Institution 163
Insurance company or Insurance Brokerage Firm 705  
Investment Bank,Securities Brokerage Firm,Stock E 1,451  
Independent Investment Advisory Firm(incl.Mutual F 1,668  
Real Estate (Management Company,Developer or Broker) 1,011  
Other Financial Institution 1,632  
Other 1,371  
Chairman of the Board 886  
CEO/President/COO/Mngr Director 6,570  
Chief Financial Officer 1,368  
Treasurer/Asst. Treasurer 757  
Finance Manager 2,165  
Investment Manager 1,479  
Controller 756  
Vice President 2,483  
General Manager/Asst GM 2,240  
Government Offical/Representative 427

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