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GV Life Science Executives

Chief Scientists, Lab Directors/Manager and Top Decisionmakers interested in Life Science products and services to increase their companies productivity and profitability.  

These records on average product over a 8% click thru rate.

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Companies involved   in Biotechnology
Africa                   2,392
Asia                     5,826
Australia                265
Europe                   2,859
North America            11,437
South America            1,841
Copanies involved in Pharmaceutical
Africa                   4,105
Asia                     12,317
Australia                429
Europe                   5,306
North America            15,152
South America            3,638
Companies involved in Drug Discovery
Africa                   1952
Asia                     4,647
Australia                751
Europe                   8,130
North America            19,536
South America            5,802
Companies involved in Research Lab.
Africa                   673
Asia                     3,611
Australia                289
Europe                   2,853
North America            8,294
South America            864
Companies involved in Blood/Cell Separateion
Africa                   291
Asia                     1,472
Australia                138
Europe                   527
North America            2,934
South America            110


Each professional has completed either a registration form or an on line survey; managed by our partners and has answered positively to opt-in question in order to receive email solicitation regarding various products and/or services. All information is self-reported. In order for a professional to participate in this database they must qualify as a double opt-in individual.

Some of the exciting professionals have participated in conferences on business issues and seminars on business skills and also have been exhibitors participants at international trade fairs.

Message quantity is limited to a maximum of 4 per month, per registered email address, in order to avoid saturation.  Any records that has not responded to an offer in 12 months is dropped from the file.

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