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HBW Insights (Health, Beauty & Wellness)

HBW Insights is the most comprehensive consumer healthcare information source of regulatory, legislative, legal, and commercial news.    HBW reports on industry news about counter medicines, vitamins, dietary supplements, and cosmetics which have increasing points of intersection, helping readers anticipate global challenges, risks, and opportunities.  

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Analysis and opinion covers key topic areas ~

In-depth coverage and analysis of:

  • Merger and acquisition activity
  • Product launches
  • Advertising strategies
  • Regulatory rule changes and enforcements
  • Rx-to-OTC switches
  • Retail developments, and more.


News and emerging issues in this rapidly evolving global sector on:

  • Regulatory and compliance changes
  • Legal and legislations developments
  • Safety and testing challenges


Up-to-the-minute news and the informed perspective on:

  • Rising trends in the dietary supplement
  • Regulatory and legal pitfalls
  • Competitive developments
  • Marketing strategies
  • Advertising challenges
  • New ingredient notifications and more.

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