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Hi-Tech Database from UBM

IT and business professionals who subscribe to one or more publications, as well as paid attendees to hi-tech industry trade shows, all from United Business Media.

U.S. qualified subscribers 2,169,176 *$250.00
U.S. telemarketing 1,837,129 *$275.00
U.S. opt-in email addresses 508,467 **$550.00
International postal 766,824 *$300.00
International telemarketing 415,921 *$345.00
International email 402,275 **$550.00
(*) Non tech related postal rate, 150.00/M.
(**) Non tech related email file, 250.00/M. IT security focused rate, 650.00/M. Transmission, 50.00/M.
Business Address $15.00 M extra  
Maximum Per Company $15.00 M extra  
Primary Business $25.00 M extra  
Products Specified $30.00 M extra  
Sales/Revenue $25.00 M extra  
SCF $15.00 M extra  
State $15.00 M extra  
Transmission $50.00 M extra  
Zip $15.00 M extra  
UBM Tech Business & Technology Focus $30.00 M extra  
UBM Tech Electronics & Engineering Focus $30.00 M extra  
Light Reading Wireless & Telecommunications Focus $30.00 M extra  
Suppression $150.00   fee  
HTML Set-up $150.00   fee  
Tracking $30.00   fee  
Key Coding $2.00 M extra  
Run Charge $10.00 M extra  
Job Function:        
Admin/Support $30.00 M extra  
Analyst $30.00 M extra  
Applications Development $30.00 M extra  
Art/Creative Director $30.00 M extra  
Association $30.00 M extra  
Business Development/Sales $30.00 M extra  
Business/Management $30.00 M extra  
Call Center Mgmt $30.00 M extra  
CEO/COO/Chair/Pres/Owner/Partner $30.00 M extra  
CFO/Treasurer/Controller $30.00 M extra  
CIO/CTO $30.00 M extra  
Compliance Mgr/Director $30.00 M extra  
Consultant $30.00 M extra  
Content/Asset Mgmt $30.00 M extra  
CSO/CISO $30.00 M extra  
Departmental Mgmt $30.00 M extra  
Design/Development Engineer $30.00 M extra  
Design/Development Engineer Mgmt $30.00 M extra  
Digital Media/Video Prod/Recording $30.00 M extra  
Director $30.00 M extra  
Engineering/R&D $30.00 M extra  
Executive/Corporate Management $30.00 M extra  
Financial Mgmt $30.00 M extra  
Financial Staff $30.00 M extra  
Graphic Designer/Consultant $30.00 M extra  
Independent $30.00 M extra  
IT Director $30.00 M extra  
IT Manager $30.00 M extra  
IT Staff $30.00 M extra  
IT Vice President $30.00 M extra  
Line Of Busines Director $30.00 M extra  
Line Of Business Manager $30.00 M extra  
Line Of Business VP $30.00 M extra  
Manufacturing/Operations $30.00 M extra  
Marketing/Brand Mgmt $30.00 M extra  
Mid-level Mgmt (except IT/IS) $30.00 M extra  
Mid-level Mgmt (IT/IS) $30.00 M extra  
Network Design $30.00 M extra  
Network Engineering $30.00 M extra  
Network Management $30.00 M extra  
Photographer $30.00 M extra  
Purchasing/Buyer $30.00 M extra  
Sales/Marketing Staff $30.00 M extra  
Sales/Marketing Mgmt $30.00 M extra  
Security $30.00 M extra  
Strategic Product Planning/Mkg $30.00 M extra  
Student/Academic/Professor $30.00 M extra  
Support Staff $30.00 M extra  
SW Development/Programming Mgr $30.00 M extra  
SW Development/Programming Staff $30.00 M extra  
Systems Integrator/Consultant $30.00 M extra  
Technical Mgmt $30.00 M extra  
Technical Staff $30.00 M extra  
Trainer/Educator $30.00 M extra  
Venture Capital/Investor $30.00 M extra  
Vice President $30.00 M extra  
Web Development/Management $30.00 M extra  
Web Producer/Designer $30.00 M extra  
Webmaster/Web Developer $30.00 M extra  
Writing/Editing $30.00 M extra  
Employee Size:        
Less Than 50 Employee $25.00 M extra  
50-99 $25.00 M extra  
100-299 $25.00 M extra  
300-499 $25.00 M extra  
500-999 $25.00 M extra  
1,000-1,499 $25.00 M extra  
1,500-2,499 $25.00 M extra  
2,500-4,999 $25.00 M extra  
5,000-9,999 $25.00 M extra  
10,000-19,999 $25.00 M extra  
20,000 Or More $25.00 M extra  
Sales Volume:        
Less Than 250,000        
1mil-10 Mil        
10 Mil-50 Mil        
50 Mil-100 Mil        
100 Mil-1bil        
1 Bil-10 Bil        
10 Bil - 100 Bil        
Over 100 Billion        
Job Title:        
C-level (CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CMO)        
Chairmen Of The Board        
CEO (Chief Executive Officer)        
COO (Chief Operations Officer)        
Chief Investment Officer        
CIO (Chief Information Officer)        
CTO (Chief Technology Officer)        
Chief Marketing Officer        
CPO (Chief Planning Officer)        
Chief Purchasing Officer        
CFO (Chief Financial Officer)        
Executive/Managing/Senior Director        
Executive/Group/Senior/Asst VP        
VP Of Sales/Marketing        
VP Of Finance        
VP Of MIS/IT/IS        
Vice President (all Other)        
Assistant Vice President (all Other)        
Treasurer Secretary        
Trust Officer        
Investment Officer        
General Counsel        
Other Company Officers        
Board Member/Director        
Top Mgmt-aviation        
Top Mgmt-architectural        
Top Mgmt-engineering        
Top Mgmt-IT        
Top Mgmt-energy        
VP Of Marketing        
VP Of Sales        
Administrative/Business Mgr        
Operations Mgr        
District/Territory/Branch/Reg Mgr        
Department Head/Office Mgr        
Personnel HR Mgr        
Comm/Media/Telecomm Mgr        
Labor Relations Mgr        
Company Development And Planning        
Other Middle/Admin/Senior Mgr        
General Manager        
Assistant GM/Assistant Manager        
Corporate Executive        
International Managers        
Program Manager (non Technical)        
Risk Management        
Financial/Accounting Director/Mgr        
Investment Manager        
Financial/Invest Analyst/Consultant        
Financial Planner/Portfolio Manager        
Mergers And Acquisitions        
Other Financial Mgr        
Purchasing/Procurement/Leasing Mgr        
Purchasing Agent/Buyer        
Other Purchasing Mgmt/Logistics        
Account Executive/Account Manager        
Sales Manager        
Customer/Sales Support        
Marketing/Sales/Advertising Director        
Marketing/Sales/Advertising Asst Dir        
Marketing Manager        
Advertising Manager        
Market Development Manager        
Product Dev Mgr/Product Mgr        
Distribution/Traffic Mgr        
Export/Import Mgr        
Market Analyst        
Other Sales/Marketing        
Real Estate        
Director Of Marketing        
Director Of Sales        
MIS/IT/IS Mgr        
SW/HW/Application/Program Mgr        
Data Processing/System Mgr        
Network/System Administrators        
Other MIS/IT/IS Mgmt        
Engineer (IT Related)        
Analyst (IT Related)        
Programmer (IT Related)        
Plant/Site Mgr        
Production Mgr        
Foreman/Assistant Foreman        
Maintenance Mgr        
Maintenance Foreman/Head        
Mechanic/Chief Mechanic        
Operator/Chief Operator        
Other Production Mgmt        
Chief/Lead Engineer        
Design Engineer        
Mechanical Engineer        
Chemical Engineer        
Civil Engineer        
Electrical Engineer        
Mining & Metallurgical Engineering        
Industrial Engineer        
Project Engineer        
Project Mgr/Director/Asst Director        
Project Estimator        
Senior IT Professional        
Scientific/Technical Mgmt        
Other Engineering Mgmt        
Research & Development        
Education Admin/Dean/Principal        
Healthcare Professional        
Medical Technician        
Flight Operations & Maintenance        
Other Professionals        
Other Non-professionals        
Self Employed        
Clerical/Support Staff        
Managing Director        
Sales Representative        
UBM Tech Business & Tech Product/Service Interest:        
.Net $30.00 M extra  
64-bit Development Tools $30.00 M extra  
Anti-virus Software $30.00 M extra  
App Dev Mgmt/Integration Tools $30.00 M extra  
Application Acceleration $30.00 M extra  
Application Frameworks $30.00 M extra  
Application Mgmt $30.00 M extra  
Application Security $30.00 M extra  
Application Servers $30.00 M extra  
Application Services $30.00 M extra  
ASP's/ISP's/Web Hosting $30.00 M extra  
Asset Mgmt/Project Portfolio $30.00 M extra  
Associations $30.00 M extra  
ATM $30.00 M extra  
Audio Conferencing $30.00 M extra  
Aunthentication $30.00 M extra  
Back Office, System Mgmt, Network $30.00 M extra  
Backup Solutions $30.00 M extra  
Balanced Scorecard $30.00 M extra  
Bandwidth Mgmt $30.00 M extra  
Biometrics $30.00 M extra  
Blade Servers $30.00 M extra  
Books $30.00 M extra  
Branch Automation $30.00 M extra  
Bridge/Routers/Gateway/Hub $30.00 M extra  
Broadband/DSL $30.00 M extra  
Broker Workstations $30.00 M extra  
Build Management $30.00 M extra  
Business Application $30.00 M extra  
Business Intelligence Software $30.00 M extra  
Business Process Mgmt $30.00 M extra  
Cable Modems $30.00 M extra  
Cable Testers $30.00 M extra  
Cabling $30.00 M extra  
Caching/Load Balancing $30.00 M extra  
CAD Software $30.00 M extra  
Call Center/Help Desk $30.00 M extra  
Call Center/PBX $30.00 M extra  
Carrier Services/Developer Programs $30.00 M extra  
Carrier/CLEC $30.00 M extra  
Carrier/ISP/Collocation Services $30.00 M extra  
Carriers $30.00 M extra  
Cartificate Authorities $30.00 M extra  
Change/Requirements Mgmt $30.00 M extra  
Claims $30.00 M extra  
Clearing $30.00 M extra  
Client Server Software $30.00 M extra  
Cloud Computing $30.00 M extra  
Cloud Platforms $30.00 M extra  
CMM $30.00 M extra  
Coin/Currency Handling $30.00 M extra  
Collaboration/Knowledge $30.00 M extra  
Collective Intelligence $30.00 M extra  
Color Management Software $30.00 M extra  
Communications $30.00 M extra  
Communications Software $30.00 M extra  
Community Collaboration Tools $30.00 M extra  
Compilers/Cross Compilers $30.00 M extra  
Compliance/Regulatory/Risk Mgmt $30.00 M extra  
Component Software $30.00 M extra  
Computer Systems/HW/Servers $30.00 M extra  
Computers & Peripherals $30.00 M extra  
Configuration Mgmt, Version Control $30.00 M extra  
Consulting/Outsourcing $30.00 M extra  
Content Delivery $30.00 M extra  
Content Management $30.00 M extra  
Content Switches $30.00 M extra  
Contract Assembly $30.00 M extra  
Converged/IP Networks $30.00 M extra  
Copiers/Document Imaging $30.00 M extra  
Corporate Portal $30.00 M extra  
Customer Relationship Mgmt - CRM $30.00 M extra  
Data Center Management $30.00 M extra  
Data Integration $30.00 M extra  
Data Modeling/Design $30.00 M extra  
Data, Voice & Video Networking $30.00 M extra  
Database Servers $30.00 M extra  
DB Mgmt/Warehousing $30.00 M extra  
Debit/Credit Card Operations $30.00 M extra  
Design Services $30.00 M extra  
Desktop Systems/Network Computer $30.00 M extra  
Desktop/Adv Workstation/Thin Client $30.00 M extra  
Detection & Assessment $30.00 M extra  
Development Platforms $30.00 M extra  
Development Tools $30.00 M extra  
Device Mgmt And Security $30.00 M extra  
Digital Asset Management $30.00 M extra  
Digital Production Presses $30.00 M extra  
Directory Services $30.00 M extra  
Disaster Recovery $30.00 M extra  
Disk/Tape Drives/Other Mass Storage $30.00 M extra  
Distributor Services $30.00 M extra  
Document Imaging/Mgmt $30.00 M extra  
DSL $30.00 M extra  
EAI Software $30.00 M extra  
E-business/E-comm/E-marketing SW $30.00 M extra  
Eclipse $30.00 M extra  
Editorial/Creative Workflow Systems $30.00 M extra  
E-learning/Training $30.00 M extra  
Email Archiving $30.00 M extra  
Email/Messaging/Groupware $30.00 M extra  
Embedded PC $30.00 M extra  
Encryption $30.00 M extra  
Enterprise Application Integration $30.00 M extra  
Enterprise Blogging $30.00 M extra  
Enterprise Mobility $30.00 M extra  
Enterprise Res Planning SW-ERP $30.00 M extra  
Enterprise Storage $30.00 M extra  
Ethernet Switching $30.00 M extra  
Executive Recruiting Services $30.00 M extra  
FDDI-fiber Dist Data Interface $30.00 M extra  
Finance/Performance Mgmt $30.00 M extra  
Financial Accounting/Payment Syst $30.00 M extra  
Firewalls $30.00 M extra  
Fixed Access/Point-to-point/MAN $30.00 M extra  
Forensics $30.00 M extra  
Frame Relay $30.00 M extra  
Framework/Platform $30.00 M extra  
Gigabyte/Fast Ethernet $30.00 M extra  
Government On-line (GOL) $30.00 M extra  
Graphics Software $30.00 M extra  
Green It $30.00 M extra  
Grid Computing Architecture $30.00 M extra  
Groupware $30.00 M extra  
Handheld PCs/PDAs/Pocket PCs $30.00 M extra  
Hardware $30.00 M extra  
Help Desk/Training $30.00 M extra  
Host Protection $30.00 M extra  
Human Resources Software $30.00 M extra  
Identity Mgmt $30.00 M extra  
Image/Doc Scanning/Capture Equip $30.00 M extra  
Infrastructure $30.00 M extra  
Installation Utilities $30.00 M extra  
Instant Messaging Systems $30.00 M extra  
Integrated Collaborative Environ $30.00 M extra  
Integration $30.00 M extra  
Intelligent Switching $30.00 M extra  
International $30.00 M extra  
Internet Access/Web Host $30.00 M extra  
Internet Products $30.00 M extra  
Internet Training $30.00 M extra  
Internet/Intranet/E-bus/E-comm $30.00 M extra  
Intrusion Detection $30.00 M extra  
IP Contact/Call Centers $30.00 M extra  
ISDN $30.00 M extra  
IT Automation $30.00 M extra  
Java Development Tools $30.00 M extra  
Keyboard/Mouse/Joysticks $30.00 M extra  
Knowledge Mgmt Software $30.00 M extra  
KVM Products $30.00 M extra  
LAN Infrastructure $30.00 M extra  
Language Compilers $30.00 M extra  
LANs (local Area Networks) $30.00 M extra  
Laptop/Notebook/Handhelds $30.00 M extra  
Leased Line Services $30.00 M extra  
Legal Services $30.00 M extra  
Lending $30.00 M extra  
Life Cycle Mgmt $30.00 M extra  
Linux Desktop Applications $30.00 M extra  
Linux Servers $30.00 M extra  
Load Balancers/Caches $30.00 M extra  
Location Based Services $30.00 M extra  
Log Management $30.00 M extra  
Mac Computers $30.00 M extra  
Made-in-gov't Solutions $30.00 M extra  
Mainframes $30.00 M extra  
MAN Infrastructure $30.00 M extra  
Managed/Hosted Comm Services $30.00 M extra  
Managed Security Service $30.00 M extra  
Market Data $30.00 M extra  
Marketing/PR Services $30.00 M extra  
Media/Content $30.00 M extra  
Memory/Microchip/Chip Sets $30.00 M extra  
Microblogging/Twitter $30.00 M extra  
Microsoft VB, .Net Tools $30.00 M extra  
Middleware Or Distribution Object $30.00 M extra  
Middleware/Application Integration $30.00 M extra  
Mini/Midrange Computers $30.00 M extra  
Mktg/Sales Automation Software $30.00 M extra  
Mobile Computing Applications $30.00 M extra  
Mobile Computing Platforms $30.00 M extra  
Mobile Social Software $30.00 M extra  
Mobile/Remote Access Software $30.00 M extra  
Mobile/Wireless Applications $30.00 M extra  
Modeling/UML $30.00 M extra  
Monitors/Display/Flat Panels $30.00 M extra  
Mortgage/Lending $30.00 M extra  
MSP (Managed Service Provider) $30.00 M extra  
Multimedia Messaging $30.00 M extra  
NAC/Endpoint Security $30.00 M extra  
NAS (Network Attached Storage) $30.00 M extra  
Netware $30.00 M extra  
Network Analyzers/Monitors $30.00 M extra  
Network Attached Storage - NAS $30.00 M extra  
Network Equipment $30.00 M extra  
Network Mgmt Software $30.00 M extra  
Network Monitoring/Analysis $30.00 M extra  
Network Printers $30.00 M extra  
Network Service Clouds & ADNs $30.00 M extra  
Network/App Performance Mgmt $30.00 M extra  
Network/Systems Mgmt $30.00 M extra  
Networking HW/SW $30.00 M extra  
Networking Systems Mgmt $30.00 M extra  
Networking/Communication SW $30.00 M extra  
Networking/Network Infrastructure $30.00 M extra  
Non-volatile Memories $30.00 M extra  
Obj Oriented Anal/Model/Des Tools $30.00 M extra  
OCX (Ole Custom Control) $30.00 M extra  
ODBMs, RODBMs, ORDBMs $30.00 M extra  
Online Office Productivity Apps $30.00 M extra  
Open Source Solutions $30.00 M extra  
Operating Systems/Protocols $30.00 M extra  
Operating Systems/Software $30.00 M extra  
Operations Security $30.00 M extra  
Optical Networking $30.00 M extra  
Optimization Utilities $30.00 M extra  
Other Application Software $30.00 M extra  
Other E-bus/E-com/Internet/Intranet $30.00 M extra  
Other Hardware $30.00 M extra  
Other Infrastructure $30.00 M extra  
Other Internet/Intranet $30.00 M extra  
Other Networking $30.00 M extra  
Other Peripherals $30.00 M extra  
Other Products/Services $30.00 M extra  
Other Security $30.00 M extra  
Other Servers $30.00 M extra  
Other Services $30.00 M extra  
Other Software: Applications $30.00 M extra  
Other Storage $30.00 M extra  
Other SW Application Development $30.00 M extra  
Other Systems Management $30.00 M extra  
Other Telecommunications $30.00 M extra  
Other WAN Products & Services $30.00 M extra  
Outsourcing/Global Sourcing $30.00 M extra  
Patch Management Tools $30.00 M extra  
PBX $30.00 M extra  
PC Servers $30.00 M extra  
PC's/Workstations $30.00 M extra  
PDF Software $30.00 M extra  
Perimeter Protection $30.00 M extra  
Peripherals $30.00 M extra  
Peripherals/Digital Tools $30.00 M extra  
Phones/Soft Clients $30.00 M extra  
PKI - Public Key Infrastructure $30.00 M extra  
Platform As A Service (PAAS) $30.00 M extra  
Policy Mgmt $30.00 M extra  
Portal Software $30.00 M extra  
Portfolio Mgmt $30.00 M extra  
Presence $30.00 M extra  
Print Production Workflow Systems $30.00 M extra  
Printers $30.00 M extra  
Productivity/Collaboration Tools $30.00 M extra  
Project Mgmt Tools $30.00 M extra  
Projectors/Visual Displays $30.00 M extra  
Protocol Analyzers $30.00 M extra  
Publications $30.00 M extra  
QOS (Quality Of Service) $30.00 M extra  
RAID $30.00 M extra  
RAM $30.00 M extra  
Real-time/Embedded $30.00 M extra  
Remote Access Servers $30.00 M extra  
Remote Access/Wi-fi/Wi-max $30.00 M extra  
Requirement Mgmt Tools $30.00 M extra  
Rich Internet Application Platforms $30.00 M extra  
Risk Management $30.00 M extra  
SAN's (Storage Area Networks) $30.00 M extra  
Search Engine $30.00 M extra  
Secure Messaging $30.00 M extra  
Secure Remote Access $30.00 M extra  
Security Mgmt $30.00 M extra  
Security Products/Services $30.00 M extra  
Security Servers $30.00 M extra  
Security/Firewalls $30.00 M extra  
Semiconductors/Embedded Products $30.00 M extra  
Server Operating Systems $30.00 M extra  
Servers $30.00 M extra  
Service Provider Carrier Class $30.00 M extra  
Services $30.00 M extra  
Services/Consulting $30.00 M extra  
SIP Based Products/Services $30.00 M extra  
SOA/Web Services $30.00 M extra  
Social Networking Applications $30.00 M extra  
Soft Proofing Systems $30.00 M extra  
Software Applications $30.00 M extra  
Software Applications Development $30.00 M extra  
Software As A Service (SAAS) $30.00 M extra  
Software Components $30.00 M extra  
Software Development Tools $30.00 M extra  
Software Infrastructure $30.00 M extra  
Software Management $30.00 M extra  
Software Mash-ups $30.00 M extra  
Software Testing Tools/Q&A $30.00 M extra  
SONET (Synchronous Optical Network) $30.00 M extra  
Spam/Content Filters $30.00 M extra  
Spyware/Malware $30.00 M extra  
SSP (Storage Service Provider) $30.00 M extra  
Storage Hardware $30.00 M extra  
Storage Infrastructure $30.00 M extra  
Storage Mgmt/Products/Services $30.00 M extra  
Storage Products $30.00 M extra  
Storage Servers $30.00 M extra  
Streaming Media Technology $30.00 M extra  
Supply Chain Management $30.00 M extra  
Supply Chain/ERP $30.00 M extra  
Supply Chain/RFID $30.00 M extra  
System Mgmt Software $30.00 M extra  
System Integration $30.00 M extra  
T-1/Fractional T-1/T-3 $30.00 M extra  
TCP/IP $30.00 M extra  
Technology Engineering Services $30.00 M extra  
Telecom Services (voice & Data) $30.00 M extra  
Test Equipment/Services $30.00 M extra  
Trading/Order Mgmt $30.00 M extra  
Traffic Mgmt $30.00 M extra  
Training $30.00 M extra  
Underwriting $30.00 M extra  
Unified Communications $30.00 M extra  
Unified Messaging $30.00 M extra  
Unix $30.00 M extra  
Unix Servers $30.00 M extra  
UPS (Power Protection) $30.00 M extra  
Utility Computing $30.00 M extra  
Video Servers/Video Conferencing $30.00 M extra  
Virtual Private Clouds $30.00 M extra  
Virtual Private Networks (VPN) $30.00 M extra  
Virtualization Management $30.00 M extra  
Visual Studio $30.00 M extra  
Visualization Software $30.00 M extra  
Voice Over IP (VoIP) $30.00 M extra  
Voice Servers $30.00 M extra  
VoIP Gateways $30.00 M extra  
VoIP/Video Firewalls $30.00 M extra  
VPN Services $30.00 M extra  
VPN/Firewall/Authentication $30.00 M extra  
VPN/Remote Access $30.00 M extra  
Vulnerability Assessment $30.00 M extra  
WAN Infrastructure $30.00 M extra  
WANs $30.00 M extra  
Wealth Management $30.00 M extra  
Web 2.0 $30.00 M extra  
Web App/Auth Tools, Content Mgmt $30.00 M extra  
Web Authority/Development $30.00 M extra  
Web Conferencing/Teleconferencing $30.00 M extra  
Web Design Services $30.00 M extra  
Web Development Tools/XML $30.00 M extra  
Web Hosting $30.00 M extra  
Web Monitoring Services $30.00 M extra  
Web Server Software/Hardware $30.00 M extra  
Web Servers $30.00 M extra  
Web Servers Languages $30.00 M extra  
Web Service Security $30.00 M extra  
Web Services/SOA $30.00 M extra  
Web/Commerce Servers $30.00 M extra  
Website Management $30.00 M extra  
Wi-fi $30.00 M extra  
Wikis/Team Collaboration Apps $30.00 M extra  
Windows (any Version) $30.00 M extra  
Windows Servers $30.00 M extra  
Windows Vista $30.00 M extra  
Windows XP $30.00 M extra  
Wireless LAN $30.00 M extra  
Wireless Network Infrastructure $30.00 M extra  
Wireless Security $30.00 M extra  
Wireless/PCS/Cellular $30.00 M extra  
XDSL $30.00 M extra  
XML/EBXML/Web Services Software $30.00 M extra  
EE Times Product Interest & Purchasing Authority:        
A-D/D-A Converters        
Batteries/Power Storage        
Battery Monitoring        
Charge Pumps        
Circuit Protection        
Compilers & Linkers        
Debugging Tools        
Design Reuse And IP        
Development Kits/Reference Designs        
EMI Suppression/Insulation/Coatings        
Hardware/Software Co-verification        
IC Design Tools        
In-circuit Emulation        
Integrated Dev Environment (IDE)        
Logic Analyzers        
Logic Emulation        
Open Source        
Optical Fiber/Waveguides/Light Pipes        
PC Board Design        
Phase Lock Loops        
Place And Route        
Power Protection/Surge Suppression        
Power Supplies/Converters        
Programmable Logic Tools        
Programming Languages        
Signal Sources        
Solid State        
Switches & Relays        
System Design Tools        
Thermal Management        
Up-converter/Down Converter        
Video Processor        
Voltage Converters        
Voltage References        
Light Reading Network Interest:        
Core Network        
Customer Premises        
Long Haul        
Radio Network        
Short-range Wireless Links        
Wireless LAN Network        
Wireless Mesh Network        
Light Reading Technology Interest:        
Operating Systems        
Access Equipment (DSL/Cable)        
Air Interfaces (GSM, GPRS, Etc.)        
Applications (location, Java)        
ATM Equipment        
Components (wireless Processors)        
Core Network (DWDM, IP, Etc.)        
Disaster Recovery Planning        
Ethernet Equipment        
From The Lab (cutting Edge Stuff)        
Gateways (SMS, MMS, Etc.)        
Gigabit Ethernet        
IP Hardware/Software        
Net Management Software        
Network Attached Storage (NAS)        
Operating Systems (MSFT, Symbian)        
Operational Support Systems (OSS)        
Optical Components        
Optical Networking        
Optical Systems        
Service Provisioning Platforms        
Short-range Connectivity        
SONET/SDH Equipment        
Storage Area Networks (SANs)        
Storage Components        
Storage Management        
Storage Networking        
Storage Service Providers        
Storage Virtualization        
Test Equipment        
Voice Switching Equipment        
Wireless LAN (802.11, HiperLAN)        
Wireless Communication        
Operating System:        
ATM $30.00 M extra  
Cable Modem $30.00 M extra  
DOS (Disk Operating Syst) $30.00 M extra  
Ethernet $30.00 M extra  
FDDI $30.00 M extra  
Frame Relay $30.00 M extra  
Linux $30.00 M extra  
Macintosh $30.00 M extra  
Mini/Mainframe $30.00 M extra  
MVS $30.00 M extra  
Netware $30.00 M extra  
OCX $30.00 M extra  
OS/400 $30.00 M extra  
SONET $30.00 M extra  
Sun OS/Solaris $30.00 M extra  
T-1/T-3 $30.00 M extra  
Unix $30.00 M extra  
VMS $30.00 M extra  
Windows 2000 $30.00 M extra  
Windows 2003 $30.00 M extra  
Windows CE $30.00 M extra  
Windows Desktop $30.00 M extra  
Windows Longhorn $30.00 M extra  
Windows NT $30.00 M extra  
Windows Server 2003 $30.00 M extra  
Windows Server OS $30.00 M extra  
Windows Vista $30.00 M extra  
Windows XP $30.00 M extra  
Programming Languages:        
.Net $30.00 M extra  
C# $30.00 M extra  
C/C++ $30.00 M extra  
Cobol $30.00 M extra  
Eclipse $30.00 M extra  
IBM $30.00 M extra  
J2EE $30.00 M extra  
J2SE $30.00 M extra  
J2ME $30.00 M extra  
Java $30.00 M extra  
JSP $30.00 M extra  
Oracle $30.00 M extra  
PHP $30.00 M extra  
SQL $30.00 M extra  
UML $30.00 M extra  
VB.Net $30.00 M extra  
Visual Basic 6.0 Or Earlier $30.00 M extra  
Visual C++ $30.00 M extra  
Visual Studio $30.00 M extra  
XML $30.00 M extra  
Other $30.00 M extra

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