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The Human Capital Media Group Masterfile (HCM) contains business decision-makers in a variety of industries. Included in the masterfile are subscribers to Chief Learning Officer Magazine, Talent Management Magazine and Workforce. HCM also operates and several widely referenced online industry resources which leverage its award-winning editorial content with innovative integrated media products; including targeted e-newsletters, webinars, interactive websites, special print and online supplements, industry research and benchmarking and conferences.
340,901 TOTAL UNIVERSE / BASE RATE $255.00/M
340,901 Postal Addresses $255.00/M
287,002 Email Addresses $325.00/M
309,223 Telephones + $70.00/M
Employee Size   (20.00/M)
01. 25,000 or more employees  
02. 10,000-24,999 employees  
03. 5,000-9,999 employees  
04. 2,500-4,999 employees  
05. 1000-2499 employees  
06. 500-999 employees  
07. 100-499 employees  
08. Fewer than 100 employees  
Industry   (20.00/M)
A. Agriculture/Forestry/Fishing  
B. Construction/Architecture/Engineering  
C. Utilities  
D. Manufacturing  
E. Transportation  
F. Wholesale Trade  
G. Retail Trade  
H. Financial/Real Estate  
I. Entertainment/Publishing  
J. Software/Technology  
K. Hospitality/Restaurants  
L. Education  
M. Government  
N. Health Care/Pharmaceuticals  
O. Business Services  
P. Consulting  
Q. Insurance/Benefit brokers  
W. Financial/Real Estate/Insurance  
Job Title   (20.00/M)
0A. President,Owner,Chairman,CEO  
0B. C-Suite (COO,CIO,CTO,CHRO)  
0D. Director  
0E. Manager  
0F. Associate/Staff  
0Z. Other  
Job Function   (20.00/M)
0A. Executive Management  
0C. Financial Management  
0D. Technology Management  
0E. Human Resource Management  
0F. Learning/Workforce Development  
0G. Leadership Development  
0H. Organizational Development  
0Z. Other  

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