Incident Prevention Magazine

Incident Prevention Magazine Business Mailing List is published bimonthly for safety managers who purchase safety and training products. Safety professionals are turning to this magazine to reach a highly targeted utility safety audience.

13,893   Total Universe Rate    $160.00/M

12,262    Telemarketing        + $65.00/M

12,586    Email Addresses    $325.00/M 

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Primary Business:

Electric/Gas Utilities  69%

Utility Contractor  10%

Municipalities/Public Works  6%

Education/Consulting  5%

Communications Provider  3%

Power Generation  2%

Manufacturer/Supplier  2%

Other  3%


Job Function:

Safety Director/Manager/Supervisor  42%

Trainer/Consultant  14%

Construction Manager/Supervisor/Foreman  10%

Line Foreman/Supervisor/Journeyman  8%

Fields Operations Manager/Supervisor  8%

Risk Management/Loss Control/Compliance  5%

Maintenance/Engineering  5%

General/Corporate Management  3%

Other  5%

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