Informa Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing & Technology covers those US and international delegates who have attended prestigious industrial manufacturing & technology events run by IBC, IIR and Informa.

300,000   Postal         $225/M

200,000   Email          $425/M

Company Size:
Industry - SIC:
   33-Primary Metal Industries    
   34-Fabricated Metal Products    
   35-Machinery Except Electrical    
   36-Electric and Electrical ERquipment    
   37-Transportation Equipment    
   38-Instruments and Related Products    
Industry - NACIS:
   332-Fabricated Metal Products    
   333-Machinery Manufacturing    
   334-Computers and Electronics    
   335-Electrical Equipment    
   336-Transportation Equipment    
   339-Miscellaneous Manufacturing    
   Company Management    
   Manufacturiing Production Management    
   Manufacturing Engineering Department    
   Manufacturing Engineering Management    
   Product Design Research and Development Management    
   Manufacturing Production Department    
   Product Design Research and Development Engineers    
   Quality Assurance Management    
   Manufacturing Other Manufacturing    
   Quality Assurance Engineering    
   Factory Automation Management    
   Factory Automation Engineering    


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