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The InformaGlobal Asia Pacific File brings together all of Informa’s most well-known global databases into one file for unsurpassed coverage in the Asia Pacific Region. InformaGlobal includes delegates, subscribers, buyers and prospects from 500+ prestigious yearly conferences and the portfolio of digital subscription products sourced worldwide by the Informa brands, including: IBC, Informa, Lloyds, Pharma Intelligence, Agribusiness, IIR, ICBI, Telecoms and Media, Ovum, Infoline, and more. Known for the highest quality products that deliver leading-edge information, offer networking opportunities, bring industry leaders together and provide specialist data and intelligence – this direct response file contains the best of the best. With offices in Singapore, Australia, Dubai, UK, US, Europe, Brazil, and digital worldwide reach the geographical coverage is unparalleled.

140,000+              Postal                     $225/M

85,000+               Email                       $425/M

*** Reblast pricing available.

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Coverage in these Key Interests:
Pharmaceutical/Biomedical/Life Sciences/Material Sciences
Maritime, Shipping & Transport
Energy/Utilities/Oil, Gas & Petroleum

Business Management


Social Sciences

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