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Kiplinger Washington Editors, the trusted source for finance, business, tax and retirement advice and guidance, has merged and de-duped Letter, Tax Letter, Retirement Report and Personal Finance to create a robust Masterfile of subscribers at business address.
46,106   TOTAL UNIVERSE / BASE RATE $145.00/M
    Business Address + $20.00/M
    Financial Rate $170.00/M


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Kiplinger Professionals at Business Address are decision-makers at the highest level from each of the Letters, Retirement Report and Personal Finance targeted at their 4-5 line business address.  For these subscribers, anything that can help them get the edge on the competition is a must-have at any cost. They present an excellent source of prospects for upper management-level B-to-B offers including business publishers, professional seminars, and business technology solution providers.

Kiplinger readers are generous to various NonProfit charities in every market sector including Health/Disease, Social/Humanitarian, Animal Welfare, Environmental and Societal Benefit.  Reach professionals at business address when it counts for "planned gifting" and charitable corporate donations!

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