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Law Enforcement Product News

Law Enforcement Product News (LEPN) serves upper management and decision-makers in the municipal, county, state, federal and international law enforcement profession. The magazine provides information and data that serves as the most comprehensive product information in the industry. Editorial features range in scope from state-of-the-art 911 communications to software, training, uniforms, vehicles and weaponry.
20,531 Email Recipients $300.00/M
  Transmission $100.00/M
Chief,Sheriff,Marshal 908
Corrections Officer 337
Deputy Sheriff/chief/commander 574
Patrolman,Officer,Trooper 1,302
Purchasing Agent,Assistants 737
Training Officer 427
Captain,Major,Lieutenant 2,114
Investigator,Det,Inspctr 644
Department/Agency Type   (15.00/M)
Security 473
Private Guard Patrol/ 168
Security Prod Mfr/retail/ 120
Municipal Police Dept 3,328
Training Academy/school 326
State Police Dept 577
County Sheriffs Office/dept 1,640
Correctional Agency/parole 452

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