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Sources for B2B Auctions


Specialized publication must be very specific in the marketing sources-

  • Job Function
  • Do they make purchasing decisions
  • Will the publication help them do their job better.

Fill out this Target Audience Worksheet so you can have very clear picture of your target audience.

When you work with our specialists we will always dig deeper than your target industry. We ask many questions to enable us to recommend the optimal tactics and resources to find your buyers.

Find Your Target Audience

B2B Auction Marketing Strategy


We consider - 

  • Inbound marketing channels
  • Outbound marketing channels

Our experience, across many industrial sectors, gives us the opportunity to gather first hand intelligence from a huge variety of media.  If your budget only allows for a short, quick fire campaign, we will advise you of the optimal fast response media options.

Our specialists search for combinations of different media to help you achieve maximum exposure, within your desired timeframe and most importantly, within your budget.

Services to Help You
Marketing a B2B Auction is Time Sensitive


It is very important to implement a strategic cohesive marketing campaign in order to achieve your marketing goals. When setting up a multi-channel campaign timing is very important in order for the campaign to work.

Example 1- Email blast followed with a postal campaign only to people that opened the email. Then place social posts to an audience that matches the profile of the people that clicked. 

Example 2- Email blast to a very targeted audience and then matching that profile to similar people and placing banners on the sites they are viewing. These banners run for a month so you have to plan backwards to make sure the email blast goes out on time.

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We're a renown specialized B2B marketing agency.

World Innovators' founder started the company because there was a need for quality B2B marketing sources in specific industry areas. For 37 years we have been working with B2B companies that need to reach special niche areas all over the world. Attending industry conferences and meeting with industry specific publishers we find the most responsive channels for our clients to reach their objectives.

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"I have been working with World Innovators for many years and find their service and dedication to be exceptional. They possess the knowledge, expertise, contacts and drive to get the job done; and get it done well. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a marketing partner."

- Amy Miller, InformaData


"As the Publisher's Representative for a handful of magazines, including Compound Semiconductor, Silicon Semiconductor, Solar International and Power Electronics World (PEW), our company, Brun Media, work with many advertising clients executing their business plans. With hectic deadlines, fiscal budgets to work with, and multiple clients' strategies and goals to meet, World Innovators has been an extraordinarily organized and strategically oriented company working on behalf of their clients. This type of business management and relationship minimizes false steps and makes all projects easier to execute. Our hats are off to Ms. Donna Peterson's business philosophy and day-to-day work ethics."

- Janice Jenkins, Brun Media


"I had the pleasure of working with Donna Peterson to promote Executive Education programs at a renowned University in the Boston area. Donna's expertise in reaching very targeted audiences for print and digital marketing campaigns made her an invaluable partner to work with. 

Donna’s exemplary work ethic and ability to effectively multitask enabled her to accomplish more in a single year than most would in three. Donna is a leader in her field and is always looking for ways to make marketing campaigns more innovative and effective. She always makes me feel like my projects are her highest priority despite having numerous clients and projects occurring simultaneously. 

Donna is as good a person as she is great to work with. I consider myself fortunate to have had a chance to work with her for several years. She is an invaluable extension of our marketing team and our campaigns would not have been as successful without her insights and expertise."

- Alexandra Robbins




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