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Executives and professionals with purchasing authority in the bus, passenger rail and public transportation industry including the fleet, maintenance, and operations sectors.


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Job Function   (20.00/M)
Corporate Management 1,557  
General Management 568  
Executive Management 5,416  
Operations Management 2,547  
Buyer/Purchasing 471  
Fleet Management 1,578  
Elected Government Official 200
Marketing/Sales Manager 776  
Maintenance/Service Mgmt 380  
Engineering 439  
City/County Manager 329  
Safety/Training Manager 136
Other 1,834  
Business/Industry   (20.00/M)
Private/Specialty Bus and Shuttles 1,325  
Tour and Charter 1,955  
Public Multi-Modal System (Bus and Rail) 1,054  
Public Bus System 2,308  
Passenger Rail Transit 706  
College/University Transit 92
Primary/Secondary School Transit (K-12) 422  
Transit Agency/Board 534  
Government (All Bodies 2,608  
State Government 732  
City (Municpal) Government 1,045  
County Government 628  
Consultant,Engineer or Architect to Transit Industry 755  
Manufacturer or Supplier of Urban Transportation Equipment 741  
Other 1,387  
Government All bodies 2,608  

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