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For more than 35 years, top executives at E&P companies and the financial community have relied upon Oil and Gas Investor for unmatched quality in energy journalism – complete, insightful and useful information about exploration and business opportunities, finding capital, managing risk, and building shareholder value.
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In each monthly issue (and online at, they provide the platform that offers the most effective way to reach their readers — top energy executives and financial decision-makers — who want to know the “who, what, where, how and why” behind the North American oil and gas industry. Published by Hart Energy, Oil and Gas Investor focuses on the companies and deal-makers, the financiers and E&P executives who shape this industry. They write about their successes and failures, how they make decisions, what they are doing to grow, where they are drilling and their likely future plans.


Oil and Gas Investor spotlights important exploration and production activity, complete with well summaries and maps for both U.S. and international fields. They place special emphasis on the economics for North American independents, from shale plays to tight gas to deep water.


Oil and Gas Investor analyzes and interprets business and industry trends important to oil and gas executives: finding/raising capital, E&P investment opportunities, successful management, merger and acquisition strategies, how to make more money while minimizing risk -- and much, much more.


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