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Paper, Film & Foil CONVERTER serves the field that fabricates and/or prints paper, paperboard, plastic films, foil, and nonwoven materials into packaging products and non-packaging products. Also served are manufacturers of converting machinery, equipment, materials, and supplies
7,815 Total Universe     $375/M
Transmission   + $50/M



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Job Title  
Owner, President, VP, Chairman  
Production Dir/Mgr/Chief Engineer  
R&D Dir/Mgr, Technical Dir  
Purchasing Dir/Mgr or other Purch title  
Sales Dir/Mgr, Marketing Dir/Mgr  
Printing Process  
Flexible Packaging  
Tags and Labels  
Folding Cartons  
Corrugated Containers  
Product/Package Type  
Food and Related Products  
Retail, Non-food Related  
Medical/Pharmaceutical Prods  
Other Flexible Packaging  
Film, Foil, Paper  
Tapes, Labels or Tags  
Folding Cartons  
Corrugated Containers  
Fiber Cans, Tubes or Drums  
Set up Paperboard Boxes/Pressed Fiber Goods  
Stationery or Busn Forms  
Magnetic/Video, Electronic Products  
Sanitary Containers  
Other Converted Products  
Converting Machinery, Equip, materials & Supplies  
Width of Materials Printed  
Less than 25 Inches  
Less than 18 Inches / 45cm  
18 to 24 Inches / 45 - 60cm  
25 to 36 Inches / 61 - 90 cm  
More than 36 Inches / 90cm  

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