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Power Almanac

Every official in Power Almanac is a decision-maker, with contact information for every head of IT, finance, public works, and purchasing. Every city/county manager and head clerk. Every sheriff, police chief, and fire chief. Every mayor and council member. In other words, the people authorized to buy what you’re selling.


The Power Almanac database is painstakingly accurate as a result of a rigorous data verification process.  Every 6 months Power Almanac calls all 21,000 local governments and updates/verifies each individual record. 

201,122 Subscribers $125.00/M
201,155 Subscribers w/ Phones + $60.00/M
157,951 Email Addresses $250.00/M

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Roles   (15.00/M)  
Clerk 20,999
Governing Board Member 97,773
Head of Finance/Budgeting 20,941
Head of Fire Protection Services 10,441
Head of IT 5,584
Head of Law Enforcement 13,374
Head of Public Works 15,552
Head of Purchasing/Procurement 8,087
Top Appointed Official 10,024
Top Elected Official 21,006
Type of Local Government   (15.00/M)  
County 34,241
Municipality 129,197
Township 60,343

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