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PowerGen & DistribuTech

Email addresses of attendees to two major trade shows for the power industry PowerGen and DistribuTech.
U.S. Email Addresses 554,318 $400.00
International email Addresses 38,548 $400.00
SCF $15.00 M extra  
State $15.00 M extra  
Zip $15.00 M extra  
Bus/Indistry Type $20.00 M extra  
Job Function $20.00 M extra  
Form Of Energy Used $20.00 M extra  
Purchasing Influence $20.00 M extra  
Transmission $50.00 M extra  
HTML Setup $150.00   fee  
Suppression $150.00   fee  
Bus/Industry Type:        
IOU's (investor Owned Utilities) $20.00 M extra  
Municipal Electric Utilities $20.00 M extra  
REMC/Co-ops (Rural Electric Member Cooperative) $20.00 M extra  
Public Utilities Including Federal Power Agency/Project, State District $20.00 M extra  
IPP's (independent Power Producers) $20.00 M extra  
Ipp's (independent Power Producters) $20.00 M extra  
Self Generators $20.00 M extra  
Power Marketing/Pools/Broker/Finance/Supply/District $20.00 M extra  
Regulatory Agencies/Power Plant Designers/Construction/Eng-consultant/Consulting Engineers $20.00 M extra  
Consultant/Consulting Engineers/Construction/Architecture $20.00 M extra  
Specifier For OEM (oritinal Equipment Manufacturer/Vendor/Manufcturer's Rep $20.00 M extra  
Others Including Associations/Institutions, Etc $20.00 M extra  
Water/Wastewater Utility/System $20.00 M extra  
Gas Utility.pipeline Company $20.00 M extra  
Service Company $20.00 M extra  
Job Function:        
General/Corp Management $20.00 M extra  
Engineering Management $20.00 M extra  
Engineering Staff/Planning/Design/Performance/R&D $20.00 M extra  
Opeations Management $20.00 M extra  
Operations Staff/Maintenence/Const/Fleet $20.00 M extra  
Purchasing/Stores/Inventory $20.00 M extra  
Marketing/Customer Service $20.00 M extra  
Research & Development $20.00 M extra  
MIS (management Information Services) $20.00 M extra  
Others $20.00 M extra  
Form Of Energy Used:        
Coal $20.00 M extra  
Oil $20.00 M extra  
Gas $20.00 M extra  
Nuclear $20.00 M extra  
Hydro $20.00 M extra  
Waste $20.00 M extra  
Other Incl Solar/Petro/Coke/Decommissioning $20.00 M extra  
Purchasing Influence:        
Alternative Energy Systems/Equip $20.00 M extra  
Auxillary Systems/Equipment (including Lighting) $20.00 M extra  
Boilers And Combustion Related Equipment $20.00 M extra  
Boiler Water/Feedwater Treatment Chemical/Equipment/Services (including Water Treatment) $20.00 M extra  
Coal And/Or Bulk Handling Equipment $20.00 M extra  
Congeneration Equipment & Systems $20.00 M extra  
Cooling Water Treatment Chemical/Equipment/Service $20.00 M extra  
EPA/Air Pollution $20.00 M extra  
Fuel Handling Equipment/Systems Fuels $20.00 M extra  
In-plant Electrical Systems (including Switchgear) $20.00 M extra  
Nuclear Systems/Services $20.00 M extra  
Plant Maintenance/Service/Materials/Supplies $20.00 M extra  
Standby Ower Systems $20.00 M extra  
Turbines/Generators And Related Equiment $20.00 M extra  
Wastewater Treatment Chemcial/Equipment/Service Power Delivery/T&D $20.00 M extra  
Construction/Maintenance Equip/Motorized Vehicles $20.00 M extra  
Insulation-thermal $20.00 M extra  
Mechancal Power Transmission Equip $20.00 M extra  
Meters/Metering Device $20.00 M extra  
Motors And Motor Controls $20.00 M extra  
Overhead Line Equipment/Hardware/Structures $20.00 M extra  
Paints And Protective Coatings $20.00 M extra  
Piping,tubing And Fittings $20.00 M extra  
Substation Apparatus/Equipment $20.00 M extra  
System Protection Equipment $20.00 M extra  
Underground System Equipment/Hardware $20.00 M extra  
Valves And Valve Actuators $20.00 M extra  
Wire And Cable (including Trays Ducts, Ect) $20.00 M extra  
AM/FM/GIS $20.00 M extra  
Communications Systems/Equipment $20.00 M extra  
Computer Hardware/Software $20.00 M extra  
Controls And Instrumentation $20.00 M extra  
Demand Side Management (DSM) $20.00 M extra  
Distribution Automation $20.00 M extra  
Energy Management Systems (EMS) $20.00 M extra  
SCADA $20.00 M extra  
Administrative/Financial Services $20.00 M extra  
Consultant/Engineering $20.00 M extra  
Safety And Security Products/Systems/Services $20.00 M extra  
Testing Services $20.00 M extra  
Tools (including Hand Tools) $20.00 M extra  
Training/Training Systems $20.00 M extra

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