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Prepared Foods

Email addresses of developers, manufacturers, processors, packagers and marketers of prepared foods and beverages; baked goods; fruits and vegetables; meats; dairy products; snack foods.
Email addresses 33,493 *$325.00
Postal addresses 48,880 $140.00
(*) Transmission: text, 95.00/M; HTML, 115.00/M; suppression fee, 150.00 flat.
Product Specified $15.00 M extra  
Bakery Foods/Ingredients $15.00 M extra  
Beverages/Ingredients $15.00 M extra  
Dairy Foods/Ingredients $15.00 M extra  
Food Service $15.00 M extra  
Independent Labs/R&D/Facilities/Universities/Gov't $15.00 M extra  
Headquarters, Distribution Center Or Sales Office Of A Food And/Or Beverage Manufacturer $15.00 M extra  
Manufacturer Of Ingredients/Nutritional Supplements And/Or Nutraceuticals Prepared $15.00 M extra  
Prepared Foods/Vegetables $15.00 M extra  
Prepared Meats/Poultry/Seafood $15.00 M extra  
Snack Foods/Candy $15.00 M extra  
General Mgmt/Administration $15.00 M extra  
Plant Operations/Production $15.00 M extra  
Purchasing $15.00 M extra  
Research & Marketing Sales $15.00 M extra  
Marketing/Sales $15.00 M extra  
QA/QC $15.00 M extra  
Job Function:        
Research And Development $15.00 M extra  
New Product Development $15.00 M extra  
Food Service Product Development $15.00 M extra  
Laboratory Management/Qa/Qc $15.00 M extra  
Purchasing $15.00 M extra  
Marketing $15.00 M extra  
Product Specified:        
Ingredient Systems $15.00 M extra  
Nutritional Ingredients $15.00 M extra  
Ingredient Systems $15.00 M extra  
QA/QC Instrumentation $15.00 M extra  
Product Development/Recipe/Nutrition Analysis Software $15.00 M extra  
Packaging Materials And/Or Equipment $15.00 M extra  
Process Equipment/Pumps/Valves/Air & Liquid Handling Equipment $15.00 M extra  
Other $15.00 M extra  
Employee Size:        
500 Or More $15.00 M extra  
250-499 $15.00 M extra  
100-249 $15.00 M extra  
50-99 $15.00 M extra  
1-49 $15.00 M extra  
A/B Split        
Each Additional Split $100.00   fee  
Customer File Deployment $25.00 M fee  
Customer File Deployment ( Min.) $200.00   fee  
Enhanced Deliverability Report $100.00   fee  
Forward To A Friend $100.00   fee  
Good Customer Profile $500.00   fee  
Image Hosting $100.00   fee  
Match & Deploy $500.00   fee  
Mobile Device View $100.00   fee  
Pin Coding $350.00   fee  
Suppression $150.00   fee  

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