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Published by NewBay Media, LLC. Pro Audio Review is the only U.S. professional audio magazine to focus exclusively on the technology of professional audio. PAR provides timely and authoritative peer reviews of pro audio equipment and software. Review coverage is blended with new product information and feature coverage that focuses on the technology behind creativity and productivity for audio pros working in recording, live sound, post production and broadcast.
45,562 Total Universe / Universe Rate $155.00/M
45,562 Postal Universe $155.00/M
23,853 Email Universe $350.00/M


Transmission $50/M

Suppression $250 flat


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JOB FUNCTION   (16.00/M)
General Management  
Recording Engineer  
Mastering Engineer  
Mixing Engineer  
Front of House Engineer  
Sound Engineer  
Producer or Director  
Musician or Composer  
Maintenance and Repair  
Sales and Marketing  
BUSINESS   (16.00/M)
Commercial Recording Studio  
Private Recording Studio  
Radio/TV Broadcast Production Comp  
Acoustics/Design Consulting Company  
Record Company  
Retail/Mfg Rep/Distributors  
Equipment Manufacturing  
Mastering Facility  
Independent Audio Engineer  
Mobile Production Company  
Film/Video - Studio/Production Co.  
Post Production Company  
Multimedia/Game Production Company  
Live Sound Reinforcement/Touring Co  
AV Systems Contracting/Installation  
Venues/Auditorium Facility  
Corporate AV/Telecommunications Co  
Replication Company  
Educational Facility  
Government Facility  
Rental Firm  
Advertising Agencies/PR Firm  
Broadcast Station/Studio  
Audio Consulting  
Indepent Audio Production Facility  
Project Studio  
Music Studio  
Facility Design/Maintenance  
Sound Reinforcement  

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