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Editorial Breakdown  
Business Strategy, Sales & Finance  
Marketing & Communications  
Education & Law  
Portfolio & Exhibition Presentation  
Professional Credentials  
Have Had Formal Art Education 78%
Full-time Artists 55%
Rate their Artistic Ability as Advanced/Professional 80%
Creative Mediums Used  
Acrylic 46%
Oil 45%
Mixed Media 36%
Watercolor 33%
Pencil/Charcoal/India Ink 28%
Pastel 18%
Photography 17%
Colored Pencil 16%
Sculpture/Clay/Glass 12%
Printmaking 11%
Crafts 9%
Other 16%
Consumer Habits  
Spend more than $500 on Art supplies annually 65%
Buy Art Supplies based on brand (not price) 76%
Taken Actioin based on an article or ad in Professional Artist 92%
Find ads in Professional Artist helpful when considering purchases 79%
Access calls to artists via Professional Artist 83%
Keep their copes of Professional Artist for up to a year or longer 75%
Refer Back to an issue at least two or more times 79%
Average Age 57%
Average Household Income greater than $50,000 64%
Bachelor's Degree or higher 74%
Masters Degree or higher 37%

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