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Prometheus Global Media Masterfile includes subscribers to  The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, Spin, Vibe and Death and Taxes.

130,004 Active Consumer  $110.00/M
91,607 Active Professionals $150.00/M
63,107   $70.00/M
420,447 Email Addresses Available $300.00/M

Prometheus Global Media has unveiled their Arts & Entertainment Database, direct marketers have a new source of high powered,influential individuals with tremendous disposable income at home or business address.

Prometheus Global Media Arts & Entertainment Professionals Business Mailing List for a host of direct response offers including: publishing, computer, software, multimedia, high tech electronics gear, seminars, Internet, upscale mail order catalogs, travel, financial, credit cards, gift, advertising specialties and premiums, cellular phones, PDA's and other items for executives on the go.


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