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Refrigerated & Frozen Foods Business

Refrigerated & Frozen Foods is the only magazine devoted entirely to refrigerated and frozen food processors, the fastest growing segment of the food industry. Readers look to the monthly publication for in-depth corporate and plant features on leading processors, and insightful editorial exploring current trends in processing, packaging, new product development, food safety and logistics.

9,975 Email Addresses $325/M
20,944 Postal Addresses $140/M
19,955 Phone  +$60/M

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POSTAL - Breakdown

Business/Industry Type   (15.00/M)

Prepared Foods & Specialties    4,298

Prepared Meat,Poultry,Seafood    4,789

Dairy/Beverage    1,704

Frozen Fruits & Vegetables    1,274

Frozen Bakery Products   1,661

Warehousing/Distribution   1,614

Distributors,Suppliers,Manufacturers of Equipment   1,172

Frozen Snacks   1,001

Job Function/Title   (15.00/M)

General Management/Administration   8,267

Plant Operations/Production   3,327

Technical/R&D   2,351

Sales & Marketing   1,695

Purchasing   1,112

Other   761

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