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Subscribers to Surface mount technology" (SMT China) for China in a printed circuit board assembly business package.
Total List   24,218   $ 350/M 
Including CEM, EMS, EOEM and ODM as well as other relevant sectors of technical publications, printed reports resolve Circuit board surface mount problems, increase productivity, improve reliability, reduce costs approach,
Materials provided for surface-mounted, equipment, methods and tools, the latest technology and software development letter Interest rates, as well as developments and trend
Job Function Quantity
Circuit design, circuit/system package design and other design 1,161
Process engineering, manufacturing/production engineering 9,503
Quality control, quality assurance, production testing 1,244
Research & development 1,594
Technical engineering staffs 3,173
Corp management 5,943
Othrs 1,600
Company Type Qty
Computer, data processing equipment or office equipment 1,166
Communication Systems or equipment 2,525
Aviation/Marine/Aerospace/Military electronics 556
Medical electronics 334
Industrial electronic control, systems or equipment 4,140
Test equipment & Instruments 862
Consumer electronics/appliances 4,704
Automotive electronics 835
Semiconductors, ICs component, or subassemblies 1,927
Contract manufacturers/EMS 4,464
Research, test or design lab or consultant affiliated with the manufacturer 408
Optical component/equipment 777
Others 1,520
Geo Breakdown Quantity
Northeast China 241
North China 1,350
East China 8,412
South China 12,628
Central China 511
Northwest China 194
Southwest China 629
Hong Kong Area 253

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