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Talent Economy

Talent Economy consists of senior-level enterprise management, human resources and workforce development executives whose task is to align workforce competence with business objectives. It helps HR executives and other senior business leaders on their mission to develop and maintain an agile workforce equipped to drive the business to better market performance and higher levels of productivity. These leaders are current subscribers to Talent Economy's magazine and newsletters as well as being TE website registrants.


32,852 Postal $225.00/M
19,595 Email $325.00/M


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Employee Size   (20.00/M)
01. 25,000 or more employees  
02. 10,000-24,999 employees  
03. 5,000-9,999 employees  
04. 2,500-4,999 employees  
05. 1000-2499 employees  
06. 500-999 employees  
07. 100-499 employees  
08. Fewer than 100 employees  
Job Title   (20.00/M)
0A. President,Owner,Chairman,CEO  
0B. C-Suite (COO,CIO,CTO,CHRO)  
0D. Director  
0E. Manager  
0F. Associate/Staff  
0Z. Other  
Industry   (20.00/M)
A. Agriculture/Forestry/Fishing  
B. Construction/Architecture/Engineering  
C. Utilities  
D. Manufacturing  
E. Transportation  
F. Wholesale Trade  
G. Retail Trade  
H. Financial/Real Estate  
I. Entertainment/Publishing  
J. Software/Technology  
K. Hospitality/Restaurants  
L. Education  
M. Government  
N. Health Care/Pharmaceuticals  
O. Business Services  
P. Consulting  
Q. Insurance/Benefit brokers  
W. Financial/Real Estate/Insurance  
Z. Other

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