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The TechTarget Business Masterfile is compromised of highly-responsive global technology buyers including C-suite executives, CIO's, IT Professionals, software & hardware developers, product developers, engineers, IT architects, project managers, application managers, programmers, system professionals, and telecommunications personnel.




Total universe 1,139,804 *$400.00
U.S. Email addresses 397,185 $400.00
Canadian email 28,173 $425.00
International email 753,953 $425.00

(*) U.S. postal, 250.00/M. Canadian postal, 275.00/M; phones plus 65.00/M.

Suppression $150 Flat (under 300,000)

Suppression $300 Flat (over 300,000)

Job Title   (25.00/M)
Application Manager  
Consultant/Systems Integrator  
Database Administrator  
IT Management(Manager IS/IT)  
IT Procurement/Sourcing/Purchasing  
IT Staff  
Network Management/Administration  
Non-IT Staff  
Privacy Officer  
Product Mana  
Project Management  
Senior IT Management (CIO/CTO/VP/Director)  
Senior Non IT Management (CEO,CFO,VP,Director)  
Systems Management/Administration  
Telecommunications Manager  
Business/Industry   (25.00/M)
Agriculture / Forestry  
Business Services / Consulting  
Communications / Telecom  
Computer Services / Consulting  
Computer / Technology Reseller  
Financial/Banking/Insurance/Real Estate/Legal  
Healthcare / Health Services  
Manufacturing - Computer/Technology  
Manufacturing - Consumer Goods  
Manufacturing - Industrial  
Oil / Gas / Mining  
Service Provider (ASP,ESP,Web Hosting)  
Transportation / Distribution  
Utilities / Energy  
VAR/VAD/Systems or Network Integrator  
Wholesale / Retail  
Company Size   (25.00/M)
50,000 - 99,999  
25,000 - 49,999  
10,000 - 24,999  
5,000 - 9,999  
1,000 - 4,999  
500 - 999  
250 - 499  
100 - 249  
50 - 99  
1 - 49  
Purchasing Authority   (25.00/M)
Determine Need  
Evaluate Products / Services  
Recommend/Specify Products/Services  
Implement Products / Services  
Technical Decision Maker  
Financial Decision Maker  
IT Project Budget   (25.00/M)
Less Than $1MM  
$1MM - $4MM  
$5MM - $9MM  
$10MM - $24MM  
$25MM - $49MM  
$50MM - $99MM  
More Than $100MM  
Web Registrants   (25.00/M)  
search 390  
search 400  
search App Security  
search CIO  
search CIO Midmarket  
search Cloud Computing  
search Cloud Provider  
search Cloud Security  
search Cloud Storage  
search CRM  
search Data Backup  
search Data Management  
search Database  
search Datacenter  
search Datawarehousing  
search Disaster Recovery  
search Domino  
search Enterprise Desktop  
search Enterprise Linux  
search Enterprise Servers  
search Exchange  
search Financial Security  
search HP  
search IT Channel  
search Manufacturing ERP  
search Mobile Computing  
search Networking  
search Networking Channel  
search OpenSource  
search Oracle  
search SAP  
search Security  
search Security Channel  
search Server Virtualization  
search Service Provider  
search SMB  
search SMB Storage  
search SOA  
search Software Quality  
search Solaris  
search SQL Server  
search Storage  
search Storage Channel  
search Systems Channel  
search Telecom  
search TechTarget  
search Unified Communications  
search VB  
search VM Ware  
search VoIP  
search Web Management  
search Web Services  
search Win Computing  
search Win Development  
search Windows Server  
search Windows Manageability  
search Windows Security  
search WinIT  
searchSystems Management  
The (Java)  
The (.NET)  
Market Tax Technology Group/Tax Segment   (25.00/M)
Bus Apps - App Dev Application Integration  
Bus Apps - App Dev Application Modernization  
Bus Apps - App Dev Business Process Management (BPM)  
Bus Apps - App Dev Mobile Development  
Bus Apps - App Dev Salesforce App Development  
Bus Apps - App Dev Software Development  
Bus Apps - Applications CEM/CRM  
Bus Apps - Applications Call Center  
Bus Apps - Applications Cloud apps  
Bus Apps - Applications ERP  
Bus Apps - Applications Financial Software  
Bus Apps - Applications HR Software  
Bus Apps - Applications MS SQL Server  
Bus Apps - Applications Oracle Applications  
Bus Apps - Applications Oracle Database  
Bus Apps - Applications Oracle Databases  
Bus Apps - Applications Oracle Middleware  
Bus Apps - Applications Oracle Servers and Hardware  
Bus Apps - Applications SAP  
Bus Apps - Applications SAP Business Applications  
Bus Apps - Applications SAP Database & Technology  
Bus Apps - Applications SQL Server  
Bus Apps - Applications  
Bus Apps - Applications Server Hardware for Apps  
Bus Apps - Applications Server Hardware for Apps (ITDA)  
Bus Apps - Applications Server/Hardware for Business apps  
Bus Apps - Info Mgmt BI & Analytics  
Bus Apps - Info Mgmt Big Data  
Bus Apps - Info Mgmt Data Governance  
Bus Apps - Info Mgmt Data Integration  
Bus Apps - Info Mgmt Database Management  
Bus Apps - Info Mgmt ECM  
Bus Apps - Info Mgmt Information Governance  
Bus Apps - Info Mgmt Information Governance (ITDA)  
Bus Apps - Info Mgmt Social Networking and Collaboration  
CIO Managing IT to support the business  
Channel Channel Business  
Channel IT Solution Provider and Managed Services Software  
Channel Providing Cloud Services  
Channel Providing Managed Services  
Data Center 400  
Data Center AWS  
Data Center Client OS  
Data Center Cloud Computing  
Data Center Co-location and managed services  
Data Center Co-location and managed services (ITDA)  
Data Center Converged Infrastructure  
Data Center Data Center Design & Facilities  
Data Center Desktop Migration & Management  
Data Center Desktop Virtualization  
Data Center Domino  
Data Center End User Hardware  
Data Center Enterprise Systems Management  
Data Center Exchange  
Data Center MDM & MAM  
Data Center Mobile Devices  
Data Center Server Hardware  
Data Center Server OS  
Data Center Server Virtualization  
Data Center VMWare  
Data Center VMware  
Data Center Windows  
Healthcare IT Electronic Health Records (EHR/EMR)  
Healthcare IT HIE (Health Information Exchange)/Interoperability  
Healthcare IT Health Care Inventory Management Systems and Software  
Healthcare IT Healthcare Compliance & Regulations  
Healthcare IT Healthcare Imaging  
Healthcare IT Healthcare Mobile computing (mHealth)  
Healthcare IT Healthcare Storage  
Healthcare IT Healthcare business intelligence and analytics  
Healthcare IT Healthcare cloud computing  
Healthcare IT Medical billing systems and software  
Healthcare IT Patient Engagement  
Networking Application Delivery,WAN Op,APM  
Networking CloudProvider  
Networking Data Center Networking  
Networking Ethernet  
Networking Internet of Things  
Networking Mobile and Wireless Security  
Networking Mobile and Wireless Security (ITDA)  
Networking Network Infrastructure  
Networking Network Management  
Networking Network Virt/SDN  
Networking Other  
Networking Telecom  
Networking Unified Communications  
Networking Unified Communications & Collaboration  
Networking Wide Area Networks  
Networking Wireless LAN  
Security Application Security  
Security Cloud Security  
Security Compliance,Risk,and Governance  
Security Data Protection  
Security Email Security  
Security Email and Messaging Security  
Security Endpoint Security  
Security Identity and Access Management  
Security Mobile Security  
Security Mobile and Wireless Security  
Security Mobile and Wireless Security (ITDA)  
Security Network Security  
Security Professional Development  
Security SIEM  
Security SIEM and Security analytics/Big Data Security  
Security Securing Internet of Things  
Security Security Professional Development  
Security Threat Management  
Security Vulnerability Management  
Security Web Security  
Storage Cloud Storage  
Storage Copy Data Management  
Storage Data Backup/Protection  
Storage Data Deduplication  
Storage Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity  
Storage NAS  
Storage Object Storage  
Storage Primary Storage  
Storage Primary Storage Optimization  
Storage SAN  
Storage SSD/Flash Arrays  
Storage SSD/Flash Drives  
Storage Software defined storage  
Storage Solid State Storage  
Storage Storage Management Software  
Storage Storage Networking  
Storage Storage Optimization  
Storage Storage for Virtual Environments

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