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The Test and Measurement Tech Briefs Magazine Email List allows you to send your email marketing campaigns directly to OEM design engineers and managers who recommend, specify, and authorize the purchase of test instruments.
Business   (20.00/M)
Electronics/Computers 14,261  
Communications 4,539  
Automotive 6,843  
Transportation 2,390  
Materials/Chemicals 2,305  
Energy/Power 3,770  
Bio/Medical 3,012  
Consumer Product Manufacturing 2,393  
Aerospace 6,025  
Government 1,666  
Defense 1,368  
Industrial Machinery & Equipment 4,199  
Research Lab 2,319  
University 2,419  
Engineering Responsibilty   (15.00/M)
Manage Engineering Department 18,429  
Manage a Project Team 12,387  
Manage a Project 10,753  
Member of a Project Team 13,083  
Other Engineering Responsibility 4,057  
Job Function   (20.00/M)
Design/Development Engineering 38,635  
Test and Quality Control 26,424  
Manufacturing and Production 21,300  
Engineering Management 22,649  
General and Corporate Management 17,029  
Basic R and D 25,109  
Other Job Functions 1,116  
Market   (15.00/M)
Medical 17,946  
Defense 18,685  
Aerospace 23,602  
Automotive 20,866  
Energy 21,428  
Other Job Functions 17,839  
Number of Engineers   (15.00/M)
1 - 19 Engineers 17,389  
20 - 49 Engineers 5,646  
50 - 100 Engineers 6,254  
101 - 250 Engineers 5,341  
251 - 499 Engineers 4,167  
500 - 999 Engineers 3,739  
Over 1,000 Engineers 13,494  
Job Function   (30.00/M)
Engineering Management  
Engineering/technical Staff  
Corporate/general Management  
Industry   (30.00/M)
Computers & Software  
Communications & Networking Systems Or Equ...  
Consumer Electronics Or Appliances  
Industrial Controls  
Electronic Instruments & Test Equipment  
Medical Devices  
Automotive Or Transportation  
Aircraft Or Aerospace  
Semiconductors Or Other Electronic Components  
Academic And Independent R&D Laboratories  
Other Electronics Industries  
Contract Manufacturing  
Types of Testing   (30.00/M)
Incoming Inspection  
Production Or Manufacturing Testing  
Qa Or Qc Reliability  
Prototype Evaluation  
Design Or Development Test  
Software Testing  
Field Service Test  
Standards Or Calibration  
Failure Analysis  
Research And Development  
Employee Size   (30.00/M)
1000 Or More  
500 - 999  
100 - 499  
1 - 999  
Buy / Specify   (30.00/M)
Ic Ate  
Board Testers  
Discrete Component Testers  
Environmental Test Equipment  
Hipot/insulation Breakdown Testers  
Wafer Probers  
Lan/wan Testers  
Rf Test/microwave Test Equipment  
Machine-vision Software  
Data Acquisition/reduction Software  
Math,Graphing,Analysis Software  
Test Software & Development Aids  
Design For Test  
Design Verification Systems  
Fault-simulation Software  
Audio Testers  
Data-acquisition Systems  
Emi/rfi/emc Test Equipment  
Function/pulse Generators  
Esd Test Equipment  
Logic Analyzers  
Digital Multimeters  
Powerline Monitors  
Power Supplies/current Sources  
Spectrum Analyzers  
Switching Matrices  
Temperature Measuring Equipment  
Waveform Analyzers  
Pci/compact Pci/pxi  
Test Services  
Calibration Or Maintenance Test Services  
Test Equipment Leasing/rental  
Esd Control/protection Products  
Emi/rfi/emc Control/protection Products  
Probes,Contacts,Probe Cards  
Test Sockets  
Machine Vision Systems/cameras  
Automated Optical Inspection Equipment  
Thermal Imaging Equipment  
X-ray Inspection Equipment  
Surface Analysis Equipment

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