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Transmission & Distribution World

Providing utility professionals with critical information related to the planning, design, construction, operations, maintenance and safety of transmission and distribution facilities.

For Marketers:
Driving brand awareness, building marketing pipeline and generating leads for marketers wanting to connect with utility & engineering professionals who design, construct, operate and maintain electrical power systems.

Total universe 16,134 *$375.00
(*) transmission, 50.00/M
Bus/Inductry Type $25.00 M extra  
A/B Split $150.00   fee  
File Transfer Fee For Postal/Phone $75.00   fee  
HTML Set Up Fee $50.00   fee  
Image Hosting (per Image) $150.00   fee  
Number Of Employees In Company $25.00 M extra  
$ Volume $25.00 M extra  
SCF $15.00 M extra  
State $15.00 M extra  
Zip $15.00 M extra  
SIC/NAICS Code $25.00   extra  
Suppression $150.00   fee  
Job Title:        
General Or Corporate Management $25.00 M extra  
Engineering: Systems, Planning, Design $25.00 M extra  
Operations, Inc Construct. Or Maint. $25.00 M extra  
Purchasing Or Stores $25.00 M extra  
Commercial $25.00 M extra  
Energymarketing/Energy Sales (utility) $25.00 M extra  
Energy Consulting, Contracting $25.00 M extra  
Computer Hardware/Software Systems $25.00 M extra  
Substation $25.00 M extra  
Transmission $25.00 M extra  
Overhead Distribution $25.00 M extra  
Underground Distribution $25.00 M extra  
Monitor And Test Equip/Power Qual Eq Svcs $25.00 M extra  
System Protection $25.00 M extra  
Comm And Control $25.00 M extra  
Scada, Ems,dist. Auto., Demand-side Mgt $25.00 M extra  
Am/Fm, Gis, Gps $25.00 M extra  
Transportation: Mech Const., Maint & Fleet Mgmt $25.00 M extra  
Meters And Metering Devices $25.00 M extra  
Station Aux Equip $25.00 M extra  
Training Systems And Services $25.00 M extra  
Transformers $25.00 M extra  
Outdoor Lighting $25.00 M extra  
Tools,rope, Safety $25.00 M extra  
Wire & Cable $25.00 M extra  
Consulting/Contractor Services $25.00 M    
Area Of Responsibility:        
Transmission $25.00 M extra  
Distribution $25.00 M extra  
Generation $25.00 M extra  
Company Types:        
Investor-owned Electric Utility $25.00 M extra  
Municipal Electric Utility $25.00 M extra  
Rural Electric Or Other Electric Cooperative $25.00 M extra  
Federal Power Agency, System Or Product $25.00 M extra  
Other Publicly Owned Elec Util, Inc State Agency $25.00 M extra  
Consulting Engineer $25.00 M extra  
Construction Company/Line Substation $25.00 M extra  
Wholesaler Or Distrib Of Elect Util Equip $25.00 M extra  
Manufacturer/Equip Supplier $25.00 M extra  
State Or Fed Reg Agency Or Commission $25.00 M extra  
Unknown $25.00 M extra  
Energy End User $25.00 M extra  
Esco/Energy Marketer $25.00 M extra  
Ind. Power Producer/Ind Sys Op $25.00 M extra  

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