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Get Your Marketing Message in Front of Lab Directors & Chief Scientists

Jul 16, 2018 10:37:12 AM / by Donna Peterson

Reaching Lab Directors and Chief Scientists

Over the past 37 years my team and I have run countless campaigns targeting laboratory directors and chief scientists. The results of the campaigns have often surprised us … let me explain.




What’s so surprising?

Targeting lab directors and scientists is no different to any other niche. We look at the characteristics of our desired audience: location, area of expertise, buying authority, and what they are responsible for doing. Once we have all this information, we build a campaign targeting those individuals.

The results have been mixed and whilst that in itself is unsurprising (no two campaigns will perform the same), when we correlated the results with the employed marketing channels, we started to see some unexpected trends.

5 trends that will shape the future of scientific labs- (you should also understand their changing environment to help answer questions they have or problems that come up)


Here are some of the sources we use when trying to reach Lab Directors - (click on the names to view the data cards)   

Complimentary Recommendation

Mixing it Up

We recommend to clients, from all sectors, to test different delivery methods, but in the world of laboratories and scientists we have found it to be especially important.

Some of our highest performing campaigns have used a combination of printed materials, emails and banner advertising. Yes, that’s right, printed materials. You see, mail is most certainly not dead in terms of marketing potential in this sector. What’s more, we have access to high performing lists where email addresses are not available for 100% of the database.

Also, we help our clients complement external promotions with inbound marketing initiatives to give a full circle approach. 

Here is a case study of one company using HubSpot to have their Marketing, Sales and CRM all in one place. 


Is the Investment Worthwhile?

Most marketers and businesses approach us looking to find an email list to rent, and we can certainly help them with that. Email is fast to deploy and very cost efficient, but for us it’s imperative that we share our experience of similar campaigns, helping our clients achieve the very best results.

One of the challenging areas is cost. You see, a postal file doesn’t cost more than an email list, but you have to be ready to invest in design, print and postage. An easy way to send a postal promotion with less time and effort is by using a group like Click2Mail.  Basically you can be at your desk and get the whole mailing done and out.

Cost is an important consideration, but effectiveness stands head and shoulders above it. The majority of your competitors are likely to be running email campaigns – so how could a postal piece help you to stand out? How many additional sales would you need to make for it to be worthwhile investing in a postal campaign?


Don’t Stop There …

So, hopefully I’ve convinced you there are several ways to reach Lab Directors, but please don’t stop there. Call me, and I will share with you how the most successful campaigns we have run use a variety of media over a connected campaign to achieve the highest results.

For example, a postal piece followed by a carefully crafted email series to drive engagement, will nurture your audience into leads and push them forward to become buyers. Complementing these promotions with a 3d and social will surely entice them to take action on your product & service.


Test, Test and Test Again

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to marketing, except one. Test and measure. Test everything you possibly can – from list source, to media combinations, headlines and more. One test I strongly recommend putting at the top of your list is multimedia campaigns, combining postal, email and banner advertising – it’s worked for our other clients wanting to reach lab directors and scientists!


Get your Campaign Started

If you want to work with a marketing professional with over 30 years of experience in finding lab directors and scientists please call me, Donna Peterson, today. You can reach me on 860-210-8088 or send me an email dpeterson@worldinnovators.com.

Donna Peterson

Written by Donna Peterson

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