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SEIZE the opportunity right now to grab more market share with Innovative marketing strategies that will find new customers, build relationships and energize your brand.

 Welcome to The World Innovators Podcast.

Donna Anne Peterson, Marketing StratgistI will be talking with ~

  • Reputable Publishers/Editors that will discuss their publication, industry, and current marketing trends. Learn how to market to their subscribers to get the best response.
  • Marketing Executives that will tell us what marketing tactics work best to generate traffic and gain quality leads.
  • Business Owners will advise about their marketing challenges, objectives, and successes.

Then I will finish-up our exciting conversations by finding out what they do to get ENERGIZED!   

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The World Innovators Podcast - Energize your marketing                    Energize Your Marketing - The World Innovators Podcast

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The World Innovators Podcast                  The World Innovators Podcast

The World Innovators Podcast