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World Oil

World Oil Online includes registrants across major integrated oil and gas companies, nationalized/state-owned oil companies, workover/drilling contractors, independents, engineering consulting firms, and service companies. Registrants include engineers and executives at ExxonMobile, Saudi Aramco, BP, Petrobras, Shell, Chevron, Qatar Petroleum and many others.
18,973 Total Universe / Universe Rate $610.00/M
8,107 U.S Email Addresses $610.00/M
10,866 Int'l Email Addresses $610.00/M
Job Function   (20.00/M)
Corporate Official (President,Vice President, Partner, Manager) 6,895  
Engineer, Consultant 8,327  
Superintendent or Assistant Toolpusher 778  
Foreman, Driller or Assistant 279  
Geologist, Geophysicist 1,479  
Purchasing Agent, Buyer 333  
Other Worker, Analyst, Auditor, Estimator, Inspector 748  
Business / Industry Type   (20.00/M)
Drilling Contractor 1,919  
Major Integrated Oil and Gas Companies 4,171  
Independent Producer 4,114  
Workover Contractor 659  
National / State Oil and Gas Companies 2,991  
Engineering and Consulting 3,995  
Purchasing / Products Specified   (20.00/M)
Chemicals, Catalysts 219  
Electricals 140  
Engineering,Construction and Maintenance Svcs 379  
Heat Transfer 286  
Instrumentation 289  
Maintenance 212
Piping, Fittings and Valves 301
Pollution Control, Loss Prevention 173
Pressure Vessels and Internals 305  
Rotating Equipment 285  
Special Process Equipment 277  
Storage 226  
Structurals and Concrete 95  
Transfer, Packing and Loading 175  
Utilities 209  
Health and Safety, Environmental, Training 2,203  
Information Technology, Computer Hardware, Software 2,588  
Financial Services, General Business 1,548  
Drilling Contractor Services 3,169  
Drilling Rigs and Rig Equipment 3,122  
Drilling Tools and Equipment Down Hole 2,985  
Oil Country Tubular Goods and Services 2,485  
Cementing Equipment and Services 2,391  
Formation Evaluation 2,858  
Well Equipment (Surface or Down Hole) 3,352  
Surface Production Equipment and Services 2,986  
Engines, Pumps, Compressors, Turbines, Generators 3,015  
Automation Systems, Instruments and Safety Controls 2,471  
Drilling Fluids and Waste Management 2,500  
Exploration, Seismic Equipment and Services 2,254  
Well Maintenance Equipment and Services 2,445  
Offshore Equipment and Services 2,724  
Transportation and Construction Equipment 1,762  
Valves and Accessories 2,734  
Well Completion, Stimulation Services 2,856  
Coiled Tubing, Drilling Equipment 1,986  

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