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B2b Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing Is Still Relevant for B2B Companies.


Targeted Email lists & Postal lists.

Bring your message directly to the prospects, instead of waiting for them to find you.

In the media they describe Direct Marketing as interruptive but if you take time to research and find the most appropriate lists you will only put your message in front of people that will be interested in it and will be happy you reached out to them.

Preview Target Audience Worksheet

B2B Target Audience

- Targeted Response

- Email Lists

- Postal Lists

- Phone Lists

With a defined profile, we can go out and find you the right email list or postal list to target only that specific audience.

 Putting your responsive direct marketing piece in front of a qualified and engaged group will drive qualified leads. We believe that a cohesive strategic campaign across all channels will yield the best results.

With all marketing campaigns there are known and unknown elements that you can account for. We work closely to monitor these variables so that each campaign is marketed smarter.  Also with close monitoring we can see if the outcome of some variables start to change and try to figure out why.  

With the abundance of digital promotions Direct Mail is increasing in number and response rates.  Is Direct Mail good for every company?   No, but if you have a very targeted audience, a direct mail piece can be a great way to break through a full inbox and get in front of your potential customer.  This gives you a great opportunity to provide them with something of value that puts your company at the top of their mind.   


  • Reach Engineers via Email List, Postal List, Banner
  • Reach Food Industry with Email List & Postal List
  • Microscope
  • Reach Aviation Industry w Email & Postal lists
  • Executives via Email Lists, Postal List, Baners-1

Direct Marketing Is The Most Efficient Way To Reach A Defined Audience.

Several of our clients are promoting very expensive pieces of equipment or programs and Direct Marketing is an integral part of each of their marketing campaigns utilizing quality email lists, postal lists and/or phone lists from reputable vendors.

B2B Email and Postal Lists with a proven track record of performing

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